Procedure of opening a current account

Опубликовано: 16.02.2019

Why do I need a bank account?

For entrepreneurs engaged in small business to open a current account is not necessary, and by law it is not required. Sell goods, provide services, pay taxes, etc. The entrepreneur can cash payments.


    The current account is necessary in case of:

    • If you carry out payments with your clients under one contract for the amount exceeding 100 thousand rubles. You can pay only up to 100, 000 in cash. Rub.;
    • If you open a legal Entity (LLC), the current account is required at least for the payment of taxes, as legal entities carry out payment of tax payments only by bank transfer. The only exception is when you surrender zero declarations.

    List of documents that usually require banks from individuals and legal entities

    • Certificate of registration in the tax authority and certificate of State Register of an IP or a legal entity;
    • Copy of extract from Egrip or Egrul not older than 1 month;
    • Notification of the territorial body of the Federal Service of State statistics (copy);
    • copy of Passport.

    Document costs

    You can open your own account in any bank of the Russian Federation. At the same time, banks often carry out actions on free opening of the current account in order to attract new clients. But it is impossible to completely avoid the costs. There is a list of costs that in any case will have to incur when opening a bank account:

    Certification of original documents

    Usually banks require notarized copies of constituent and registration documents, or offer to notarize documents directly in the Office of the Bank, naturally not free of charge, but for a certain commission.

    Internet Banking

    Any modern bank will offer you to activate Internet Banking service. It is a system of banking services management via the Internet. Account management is carried out on the bank's web-site anywhere in the world and from any computer connected to the Internet. You will be charged a monthly fee for using the service.

    Registration of the digital signature public key Certificate

    This key is necessary for signing the electronic digital signature of payment orders and sending them to the specified requisites.

    Cheque Book

    To withdraw cash it is necessary to make a cheque book, for which the bank charges a lump sum commission. Also there is an option to work with cash through a corporate card, it is more convenient and cost less.

    It was a one-time cost, but do not forget about the fee for monthly maintenance of the current account. The amount of service charge depends on the amount of the turnover on the account, the number of payment orders, the availability of funds on the account, etc.

    It is important to remember that within 5 days from the date of account opening it is necessary to notify the tax service at the place of registration, pension Fund and FSS (notification forms are available. Not observing the specified period threatens to impose administrative liability on the FE with the penalty of a fine of 5000 rubles.

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