The concept of image and its importance in the life of a modern person or organization

The notion of "image" in wide use was included in the 60-ies of the 20th century, but people noticed much earlier that to thrive in matters of politics and economics, it is important to "wear" appropriate "mask.

For example, the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, who in 18 century, issued a decree, which approved their sample images by banning artists to draw any other portraits without her permission. We cannot say that it was original ? so did many who wanted to create a good impression of themselves.

The word "image", which sounds lately so often, of English origin (image ? image). Typically, it is used in reference to a person, company, organization, party and even the country. Thus, the image is the image, what impression on people one or another object.

The image can be positive and negative. On the creation of positive image of purposeful work professional image-makers to emphasize the personal charm of his client and to raise its rating. After all, a positive image is half the battle.

Bad same image is able to destroy his career, sow distrust of party ideas, reduce the attractiveness of the company, and therefore its revenues.

The French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote that you must first be able to please people and only then you can begin to persuade them. Without putting people to imagine, to convince them of something very problematic.

The work is not easy, because image-makers approaches to building an attractive image of the different and depend on whose image must generate ? organization, head, politics, representative of show business, etc. Although work on the image of the individual participating and stylists, and makeup artists and hairdressers, and designers, the main role of imidzhmejkeram, who teaches present itself in a favorable light ? self-presentation. No wonder the image-makers called image designers.

For example, the image-makers, working on image of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, offered to withdraw its television appearances in a pleasant and homely atmosphere amid the burning fireplace. It was so in English, and, of course, was impressed by the British.

To create an image of the work of the PR-team raskruchivajushhie objects in the media, spent huge amounts of money, sometimes measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, if the goal is reached, these expenses itself will justify.

Types of image

Questions of formation of a positive image of imageology deals. The image happens to be individual and corporate. Individual image created for politicians, businessmen, leaders of political parties, representatives of show business, etc. Corporate ? for companies, organizations, parties, etc.

Approaches for creating these types of image are different, although both of them, in turn, are divided into external image ivnutrennij.

View about the company or organization, its image is formed in the minds of those who have to deal with it (clients, consumers, competitors, authorities, mass media system), is its external image. An internal image of the company depends on its internal "kitchen": relationship to shareholders, owners, officers, etc. p.

External image individual consists of gabitarnogo (from Latin. Habitus ? appearance), verbal and nonverbal. Inner reflects his psychological characteristics, personality, emotional state.

External image is inextricably linked with internal: If selected clothing, hairstyle, mannerisms will not match psychological human nature, his failure or defeat. Objective external ? emphasize strengths, personality, everything positive there.

External and internal image identity

When it comes to the appearance of the person, the first thing we pay attention, "his physique: Slim he or full, tall or small. For example, thin people of small stature may seem weak and inexperienced, so they offered image-makers stricter clothing and demeanor.

Their position in society, their status as people have long been stressed by using clothing and accessories. A key principle of their selection, which must adhere to the image-makers, the appearance of a man, over whose image they work must fit the circumstances and perceptions of the people "image" is positive. It should look to them as "his".

Conversely, it should not call their appearance in the subconscious of people distrust or negative. For example, it is unlikely that the Word will accept policy seriously if he, speaking from this high rostrum, will look like a rock star. Negative impression will cause and politician, who came to the meeting with retirees in the expensive brand clothes.

A mandatory condition of positive image ? beautiful speech (a rich vocabulary, the absence of reservations, words-parasites), possession of oratory. In addition, forming a verbal image, you must not forget about the educational level of the audience. The error will say too abstruse or try to impersonate "its" resorting to slang.

Relevant to the audience is reflected even in the seemingly little things, like the ability to introduce myself. Those who pronounces the first name, then the name-surname, involuntarily express their superiority by raising its own status. Initially named first name, people will show that it is configured with consideration and ready for cooperation.

The essence of the performance image that the information about the person is perceived on a subconscious level through the postures, gestures, and facial expressions. And there imidzhmejkeram have work to do, because even good phrase may acquire negative meaning, if you will be accompanied by inappropriate gesture or facial expressions.

Inner image will talk about how the man himself positioned. For example, policies, which should cause the sympathy of voters and win elections, image-makers create an image of a strong and self-confident leader, vigorous and energetic, which at the same time, "nothing human is alien to" ? he likes sports, is a fan of your favorite team, he has a delicate relationship with his wife and he loves his children.

External and internal company image

External image of ? the impression it produces on the market. It can be as positive and thriving company then ? and negative, and then its costs significantly increased. Poor quality of goods and services, the loss of consumer confidence, all this forms its negative image.

Positive comments about the company, its staff create a positive image. Great importance in shaping it plays and how the brand popular and recognizable, which in turn depends on the frequency of mention in the MEDIA, his "promotion". To do this, trade fairs are held, thematic conferences, promotions, reviews, ratings, etc. d.

An internal image of the company depends on the effectiveness of relations within it. Rallied collective, confidence in the future of each employee, the impact of common cause, a relationship built on trust, between staff members and supervisors are working on positive image.

For example, the management decided to increase its milk plant rating in the market by improving product quality. Successful advertising campaign was launched, but conquer the market combine and failed, because workers were not interested in improving the quality of dairy products and treat work carelessly, so that the quality might not be out of the question.

This shows that form a positive image is impossible without the close connection of the external and internal. In large companies and organizations to create a positive image of the whole work of PR-departments, which are called the "face" of the company.

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