Selection of staff in the restaurant-chef

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

The kitchen is considered the heart of any restaurant or caf?. And the chef is the person who makes this heart beat more often. In Russia even before the revolution, if the high-ranking individuals liked the dish from the chef, he was invited to the hall and applauded vigorously.

But how exactly to hire a brilliant chef, how not to make a mistake when choosing a candidate, what do you need to know to find a truly professional? After all, in fact, the key to the success of your caf? or restaurant will be in many ways the skill of this magician.

Selection of staff in the restaurant-chef

First, you should decide what style of your restaurant menu will be. Go to nearby restaurants, where the kitchen is similar to yours. And if you like their masterpieces, do not skimp for compliments and try to meet with the chef, especially because it is very important for him recognition of his own merits. If you have been refused for some reasons, ask the staff if this specialist has no colleagues.

Place your ad in the appropriate rubrics in the newspapers and the Internet, announce the search for a real professional in cooking, invite applicants to demonstrate their capabilities.

In addition, you can visit various contests, where the chefs compete. There you can communicate with the organizers, participants of the competition and find good connections.

Anyway, but when the candidate is found, he needs to have an interview.

The interview with the candidate for the position should consist of four parts:

1. Welcome the applicant, ask how he got to you, suggest to settle down, as it is convenient.

2. Tell us about the purpose of your meeting, introduce your restaurant, emphasizing prestige, as well as the national affiliation of the institution. Do not forget to mention the price category.

3. After that, ask the candidate to tell about himself, and let him say what he sees fit. It is necessary to listen carefully, not interrupting. At the same time, pay attention to the way the person behaves at the same time: it is relaxed or keeps a little tense. Grasp said that he was talking about his previous work, as well as his own dishes. Your conversation should be relaxed so that the candidate can relax. Double payment never offer even the most ideal in your opinion applicant. It is better to promise that he is guaranteed career growth and salary increase.

4. If you immediately see that this competitor is not suitable for you, then talk about it at once. But it is warm to say goodbye.

And finally, to check how the candidate for the position of the chef works, offer him a trial day at any time convenient for him. Let him cook in your restaurant lunch, say, four people. At the same time allow him to make a menu, for example, of five to six dishes.

In addition, you should be aware of whether the candidate can work with technical documentation (interaction with suppliers, research, acts, etc.). And when you finally make sure of your choice, do not forget to congratulate the new employee.

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