Why missed profit, or how to make a website analysis on your own

Julia Galynskaja, copywriter, author selling texts, talks about how to make site analysis and increase profits.

Ordered myself a website. Got your own electronic resource on the network. The site looks interesting, money invested in its creation is considerable, and in promotion of invest regularly.

It is logical to expect profit. After all, a good selling site simply must bring a delicious, tasty extra profit. However, no, does not bring all here.

Certainly asked yourself the following questions:

  • What should I do? Further invest in site maintenance, increasing costs and keeping the profits
  • Create a new site?
  • Revive business (maybe something wrong?)?

Stop! Don't panic ahead of time. Start with the seemingly simple, but extremely important-with an analysis of your website. The fact of the matter is that in your case the key to the success of the site is not a high cost and complexity, namely the ability to sell. The site should not necessarily be breathtakingly unique. He should be selling.

In order to understand whether or not your site is able to sell well, please try a simple user who is visiting your site and something chooses to buy.

Sit in a comfortable chair, upload your site, grab a cup of coffee in hand. Ready? And now look.

Is there a general concept on this website?

Deposited saying, could you not knowing what exactly should be posted on the Web site, on registration of guess which product on sell?

See registration in the yellow-orange-green tones with fruit in the background and when this trade lemonade? Cool! your site is already causing the correct Association associated with the purchase. Freshness, juiciness, vitamins … See the same design, but are trading tires? No comments …

Whether you notice it on your USP (unique selling proposition)?

What you can differentiate yourself from the competition. What is not found in the proposals of competitors. From what you as a typical buyer would be difficult to refuse. Ta chip that really got you to buy goods on this site.

Already found something that is very difficult to give up? Congratulations! You have a USP. If you have a hard time visiting the site, select your company from the grey mass, urgently looking for what you can do for your unique commercial offer. Look for its chip, which will be primagnichivatsja clients. This is very important. But the good news is that you can always find. Only need a goal.

Do you like the website usability?

Easy site to use, whether you browse through it? Quickly find the right buttons? Not having to guess the contents of tabs as a charade? Then fine!

If you cannot find the button immediately, barely able to read, where does a link, hit the wrong Gallery, which gathered more colours somehow became "cut" eyes, clearly, your site requires refinement of design and navigation.

Believe me, only the most patient client will locate him more tab 10 seconds. Most of the faster find the exit button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Guessed it, about what I click?

Whether selling route?

Element that is unfairly ignored. Remember how much forces spend on merchandising in offline stores. Ulterior motive? Go back to the site. Whether you would like to view the site from the homepage to contact? Is it convenient to move from tab to tab?

Could quickly make a purchase? Navigation buttons for information were always at hand? Then everything is fine. If you were uncomfortable to find product details and to purchase in principle (even worse, do not even have any desire to buy), selling aspect of your website is clearly not thought out. Think over. Urgently.

Is there a comfortable transitions between pages on the text?

Nothing irritates the regular user as illiterate SEO. These links, which forever struggling out of context, are almost always in the wrong case and stick out between the lines, like a rake in heaps of hay.

You have no such "scarecrow" on the site? If you have noticed, urgent "burn" him. Order text clever SEO-copywriter, who unobtrusively put links as they really do have a sense of place.

That is, through a system of contextual navigation. When the link becomes the semantic of the sentence: "you've just learned how our product can change your life. All that's left is for you to link to, chtobykupit cleaner. This as an example.

The first link is easy to get to the page benefits for second-order form. Read one page-want to read another one, make sure the advisability of buying, then made the purchase itself. And you can go on the site the same way? To easily lure client on key pages. If Yes, do you all really thought out. If not, reflect on how to write references in context, draw visitors in reading texts on the site, to seduce.

Your writing really sell?

If you yourself had to what you are selling, you would want to purchase the product after reading about it what do you have on the site? Only honestly. The text tells you about how the product will change your life for the better, solve your problems?

You have the feeling that you need it? you are sure that the purchase is worth the money spent? you have proved it, and do you wish to make a purchase soon or right here and now? If so, you're pretty good and it is advertising text. If not, just advertising. And you'd better replace it with one that will sell.

As you can see, selling six major site selling tools. Actually, of course, much more. But now we are talking about those six pillars on which kept Internet sales.

It often happens that 5 whales have excellent health and surely could Busk oceans arrived. But the sixth Keith hurt fin, and therefore of the rest five forced to sail slower.

Podlechite on time of one China, and the whole pack confidently moves to the island with treasures. Prosperity to your business!

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