Why newcomers drop out Internet business

The modern Internet is infested by ads like "earn 1 000 000 per year!," "start business without investing!», «spend $10 in a month and get 10 000! Such proposals-darkness, and the essence of their boils down to earnings, sometimes real, sometimes not.

At first glance, all very attractive, and the beginner who first got into Network, eyes literally scrambling and finger myself clicks of the mouse, moving the neophyte to pages offering fabulous earnings.

Just say that you can make money online. But it turns out that's not all. Let's talk about novice quite inexperienced people in this fascinating business, who want to "mow dough quickly.

Basic errors

I will not say anything new, and will be right when stating that earn decent money online turns out to have a few units. Why 90% beginners simply refuse the further work and development, and throw the case when faced with the first difficulties? Let us in this order:

1. Desire to earn right away a lot and without attachments

It just raises a smile. It does not happen, guys! And the sooner you realize this, the better for you. After all, under the investment means not only money, but also investing in yourself, in your knowledge and skills. So people parted with their money, they need to offer something useful and interesting instead. Just so and not otherwise.

2. Banal laziness-MATUSHKA

She loves almost all newcomers. And thoughts like "tomorrow I go", or "a little bit of rest and start" ruining the root of any undertaking.

Think, do take decisions must NOW, right this minute, movement dynamics, development-knock yourself these words on the cortex. Money loves movement, without moving them will not. And an online business is the same as the other. And it needs to do and laziness is doing here.

3. Bad experience

Nobody is immune from it. Fraudsters, "deceit", the wrong investment-all this can plunge into gloom and compel deletion of the hands. A rookie, caught in a similar situation for the first time, often disappointed and leaves.

And does he know that notorious worldwide Uncle Bill Gates, virtually bankrupt and suffered losses of nearly three million dollars? And today his name is synonymous with the word "billionaire" whew.

4. Improper use of time

Here's our beginner had begun work. And no result, or he is such that I am ashamed to say. Why is that? Well worth a stop and reflect on how you use your time. Whether you use it for the case?

And whether you're several hours can spin yarns in the "ICQ" and detached, without a particular goal around sites? Or a dozen times per minute to check your mailbox? Unfortunately, most and spends his time on the network.

5. No definite work plan

It is a kind of continuation of the previous section. The plan is first and foremost a regime which must be strictly observed.

He develops discipline, and help to achieve the goal. Need to allocate time to work, write somewhere or print and attach in plain view. The main thing in any plan is its reality.

No need to initially be strained. Let to start is would be a small job, but performed well and the planned time. See further on their opportunities, and continuously raise the bar.

6. Not defined its niche and place of work

This paragraph could be put at the top of the list. After all, before you start feverishly to do something, you need to think-and what I can do, what I can offer to others? Or, what I do not know, but it can learn to do?

And not worth grasping for anything, so you can quickly exhausted and don't get absolutely no impact. And if you write a program, or texts, nicely draw-that's it, your "horse". Looking for a way how you can earn on your ability. Take my word, the Internet gives everyone the opportunity to earn your task is only to find it and use it.

7. There is no movement forward

As mentioned above, you need to constantly evolve and move forward. It is impossible to remain in one place. Online changes occur instantly, it is not offline.

And that still today has brought good profits today may just be unprofitable. Constantly looking for new information, we live in the information age, in the end. Take your time to search, study and practical application of the new information.

And who knows, maybe you can come up with something completely new, and this sort of thing worth billions (remember again the long-suffering Windows). These are the main reasons for the failures of the newbies to Internet.

They allow all and correct and move beyond a few. This is also a good side-your place nobody would take, and in the vast Network will remain only those who are really into it.

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