A new idea in the business world-send messages to relatives after death. It appeared in the UK-this is where the Organization was formed Last Messages Club that deals with such non-standard activities-sending messages to relatives after death. Founder-Geoff raise believes that to death you can prepare in advance, and thereby cause less trauma to their relatives and relatives.

The peculiarity of such letters that write a farewell letter to relatives during his lifetime, and will give his firm relatives after the death of the customer. Thus it is possible to pass not only letters but also video, wills, photos, documents, messages, everything that your heart desires.

People who in the firm Last Messages Club is available to write within 100 messages, and decide what to whom and when to send. Letters are categorized by their subject and have strictly confidential form. The cost of such unusual services ranges from 45 to 200 dollars, depending on the number of abandoned emails or documents.

Clients of this non-standard firms give only positive and enthusiastic response, though not quite a serious idea believe. But with all the exotic ideas, still nice to get a letter or message from a relative, who is no longer alive.

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