Apiary as a business, is it profitable to do honey?

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Apiary as a business, is it profitable to do honey?Is it possible to live with the apiary? A question that excites many novice beekeepers. Let's try to parse this question, what is called "on numbers".
Let's start by determining how many people will care for the apiary. Let's say it will be one person, a maximum of two (as it often happens). That is the usual rural family.


    How much money you need to start this business

    According to practice, one person under the force to contain about 100 colonies, it is difficult, but it is possible. To build such a apiary will need to invest:

    1. Purchase of Colonies-3 thousand/PCs., for 100 families-300 thousand. Rubles;
    2. Hives-500 rubles/PCs., for 100 pieces-50 thousand. Rubles;
    3. Trailer-15 thou. Rubles;
    4. Other equipment: Centrifuges (b./U.), chisel, masks, smoker, sush, flasks, etc. -10 thou. Rubles.

    Total starting capital: 375 ths. Rubles.

    How much can you earn on apiary

    With such an apiary in one season in the middle Lane can get up to 50kg honey with one colonies. Accordingly from 100 colonies – 5000 kg (5t). The price of wholesale sale of honey As of 2013 is average-150 rubles/kg.

    Total for the season you can get: 5000 kg * 150 rub./kg. = 750 000 rubles. Subtract from the given amount of constant expenses, and it is pol, honeycomb, frames, etc. – About 50 000 rubles per season. Clean we get about 700 thousand. Rubles, and this without taking into account additional income, such as the implementation of royal jelly, wax, propolis and so on. Start-up costs can be amortized already in the first season of work, while still earning!

    In recalculation for a month the beekeeper receives a salary-700 000/12 = 58 300 rubles per month. Which is very good for average Russian family.

    Hence the conclusion-it is profitable to deal with honey can be, it is really profitable. Although it is troublesome, associated with a certain risk (as in any case).

    The main difficulties that lurk in the beginning of beekeepers:

    1. Search of channels of realization of honey. Before investing in the business should clearly understand who and how you will sell honey. From 10 – 15 hives Honey can still be sold to friends and acquaintances. But with large volumes of production will have to look for other ways of selling, including through wholesale buyers, retail stores, etc. Dr.

    2. Adherence to the strict technology of bee content: Properly selected framework, regular inspection of hives, bee diseases, overwintering and many other issues that fall on the shoulders of the owner of the apiary.

    Step plan of opening of the Apiary

    Preparation for opening of own case connected with apiary, it is necessary to start in January. It will allow to solve all preparatory questions in the middle of spring and in the future to be directly engaged in apiary. The stage of theoretical preparation should be given two months (January-February). In February, Pasechnik-beginner can already work on the purchase of equipment (houses for bees). Next month should be devoted to the selection of bee families-the nucleus of newly business. As soon as the weather allows (mainly the last ten days of April), it is possible to organize the export of hives to the first pollen collection site. At the same time, you can start an advertising campaign.

    What to choose the equipment for the Apiary

    The category of equipment required for the apiary include hives and bee families, special costume and equipment beekeeper, packaging for the collection and bottling of honey.

    What okved to specify when registering a business

    When you register a new enterprise, you must specify the okved 01.25.1 code.

    What documents are needed to open

    Given the fact that the businessman in beekeeping to deal with quite a living and even zhaljashhimi bees, it would not hurt to collect the necessary documentation. This includes a special passport, which is issued by the veterinary Service, the actual coordination of business activities with this structure. The apiary should be placed on the account in the regional administration. Since the apiary can be registered as an IP or LLC, it is necessary to take care of a set of standard documents, which includes:

    • Application for the opening of individual entrepreneurship (in the form);
    • A copy of the identity card;
    • Receipt on payment of the state duty;
    • A copy of the document certifying the registration in the Tax inspectorate.

    What tax system to choose for business registration

    Work in agriculture allows gardeners, agronomists, livestock and beekeepers to enjoy special tax privileges. This is possible in the event that the apiary will be designed as a peasant farm. Then the tax authorities will provide preferential conditions for the operation of the farm. However, a simplified tax system (USN) can also be used.

    Do I need permission to open a business

    Permission to open the apiary can be agreed with farmers, on the fields of which will be collected pollen. Individual documents will be required when the sale of honey begins. In particular, it should be attend in advance to obtain a certificate of quality compliance with existing standards.

    Technology of Apiary Management

    Profit of Beehives farm can be received only when the businessman-beekeeper is maximally honest before the buyer. It means that it is unacceptable to add to honey various synthetic impurities, negatively influencing on health, bullying prices for production, to sell instead of honey some sugar syrup and so on. As far as the beekeeper is honest, he has so many potential buyers of honey.

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