Vegetable in Agribusiness

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Every grower thinks sooner or later to equip their own vegetable. However, when it comes to making a final decision, the "back speed" is often included and will not be overcome by even the most reasonable arguments. Yes and what they can be, if in the current conditions of the domestic market payback of such object, according to suppliers of equipment, it is possible to wait not earlier than in 5-10 years. Representatives of business circles of our state this term will seem almost eternity!

It is for this reason that, apparently, there is a very low activity of farmers in the construction of vegetable. They have elementary lack of confidence in the prospects of this case, and this is the root of the whole problem. However, the paradox is that it is just a repository of this confidence and gives! Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts and open this causal circle. And having thought about the possibility of such a step, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

Vegetable in Agribusiness

One of the main significant arguments for the construction of vegetable will be the market value of vegetables, which is actually equal to the cost of a modern storage system. There are even such years when the price of vegetables overlaps the price of both storage systems and directly storage (buildings) with all its equipment for acceptance, sorting and packaging. So, maybe, still invest in really high-quality storage of such valuable products?

The reasonable question is where to start? As the representatives of one of the companies supplying equipment for storage of vegetables have correctly pointed out, the storage is not a hospital, and it is not capable to improve quality of your product. It is necessary to understand, that on storage it is necessary to lay out initially those vegetables which have not been damaged at cleaning and sorting.

Increase of agricultures growing of vegetables (selection of grades, the correct technology, the adjusted Technics) is even greater stimulus to the order to organize vegetable, equipped with modern equipment. In other words, you should ideally first establish a culture of cultivation, harvesting and sorting, and then begin to build a modern storehouse.

Start-Up Equipment

It should be noted that each type of vegetables needs different equipment. For example, for storing garlic, onions and potatoes is necessary primarily ventilation. The cooling system is usually not mandatory (provided that the products will be kept until the end of March).

But cooling will be by the way in the southern regions and the storage of seeds. In this case, if it is a long-term storage (before the emergence of a new crop), it will be mandatory refrigeration equipment. Cabbage, beet and carrots emit more heat in storage than onions and potatoes, so they need more powerful refrigeration equipment (based on the calculation of 1 kw of cold for one ton of products).

Besides it is necessary to understand, that for each product there is the optimum speed of cooling and humidity that determine directly selection of heat exchanging equipment. Its cost in the formation of the cooling system is up to 50 percent. This means that the price of the equipment for the storage of cabbage, beet and carrots is 2 times (and even more) higher than the cost of equipment for the storage of onions and potatoes.

Thus, for some cultures, in particular, such as onions, garlic and potatoes, you can equip the vault first only with ventilation system, and refrigeration units to install later.

When storing carrots, onions and cabbage start immediately from the refrigeration units, and later add, for example, the GCF system (for pears, apples, grapes).

The minimum configuration of a system for storing vegetables capable of fulfilling its functions may include:

  • Fan (or fan set);
  • Equipment for air (takes outside air, releasing internal);
  • Equipment for measuring temperature and relative humidity.

Vegetable in Agribusiness

Economy on Electronics

It should be said that the basic configuration of vegetable does not imply an electronic control of the equipment, i.e. control over this process is completely entrusted to the person. Therefore, in order to control the Ovoshhehranilishhem in manual mode, you will use the "mole" chart, which describes the actual water content in one cubic metre of air based on the relative humidity and temperature data.

However, you should understand that the effect of manual control will always be lower when compared with the result of microclimate control by an automatic system – it allows to turn on ventilation at the moment when it is necessary (for example, at night). And finally, the most important thing is the price of electronics, which is only a small fraction (less than 10 percent) of the total cost of the equipment. However, it is worth saving on this,-to decide, of course, the owner.

In any case, whether you will build all at once, or intend to go to the goal step through, you should remember that investing money is better in powerful and high-quality equipment.

In turn, modern manufacturers warn customers: The illusion that power can be increased by adding individual elements of the system is actually false. It is almost always necessary to design a different system as well as supply new equipment.

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