Clothing store Opening

What documents are needed to open a clothing store

Before opening a clothing store, in addition to the issues of store location, its range and advertising, entrepreneurs have a question: What documents are needed to ensure the legal operation of the business?


    Clothing store Opening

    The list of basic documents for the clothing store may vary slightly, depending on the type of trade facility. For example, you trade in a stationary building, or you are engaged in mobile (trade) trading. For the first option, the list of documents is slightly higher than for the second one.

    And so, the basic documents necessary for work of shop of clothes in a stationary premise (for example, a shopping center):

    • Documents confirming the registration of entrepreneurial activity: Certificate of Registration (IP or LLC), extract from Egrip (for IP) and Egrul (for LLC);
    • Conclusion of the Fire Inspection (fire). To obtain this opinion, it is necessary to apply to the territorial body of the MES and provide the following documents: Certificate of Registration of FE/OOO, plan of premises, lease agreement (property rights), document on installation of fire alarms, room insurance;
    • Conclusion of the SES (Rospotrebnadzor). To obtain this opinion, you need to contact the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor and provide documents: Certificate of Registration of IP/LLC, Certificate of placement in Ifts, lease (property rights) premises, Medical records of employees, the list of goods, certificates for products (if required), sanitary passport, as well as contracts for the removal of solid domestic waste and debris;
    • Statistics codes (statistics). To receive this document it is necessary to apply to the territorial Department of the Goskomstat with the application of documents: Certificate of Registration of IP/LLC, Certificate of placement in Ifts, extract from Egrip/Egrul, passport;
    • Waste and solid waste disposal contract;
    • or the title deed;
    • Permission for outdoor advertising, if any. Permission must be addressed to the city/District Administration (Department of Architecture);
    • For all delivered products it is necessary to have a certificate of conformity, if it is: children's clothes for boys and girls, means of individual protection, working clothes, fur clothes and fur coats. The other clothing legislation provides for mandatory declaration of conformity.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is it necessary to have an FE cash register for trade in clothing?

    Answer: Optional. Individual entrepreneur can work without the use of TCC. The cash register in this case serves only to facilitate the accounting of material and monetary funds.

    What is the best tax system for the clothing store?

    Answer: The most optimal system of taxation of clothing store-a single tax on imputed income (imputed). The amount of tax depends on physical indicators (trading area), basic profitability by type of activity and coefficients K1 and K2. The only condition for the use of imputed-the trading area of the store should be no more than 150 m2.

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