How to open a shop selling household products

Regardless of the situation in the country household chemistry will always be in demand among buyers. This product applies to daily goods, which guarantees its good turnover in the store. In order to open a shop selling household chemical products do not need any special conditions, and its attractiveness as a business is very high.

The main advantages of this business

To the list of major pros business on selling household cleaning products include: a permanent demand for goods, long term storage and ease of packing of goods, there is no need of conducting licensing and the possibility of selling products in any size retail outlet.

Selecting premises

Premises for trade, it is recommended that you select in the busiest areas. Commercial premises area should be from 100 sq.ft. m, but it can be much smaller in sales of small volumes of goods. It is desirable to have an outlet on the ground floor of the building or shopping center.

Depending on the type of trade (self-service shop, classic shop or trade over the counter) and will line up further sales system.

Assortment and pricing

Assortment of presented production should be diverse and cater to the needs of the core of most customers. Select the main directions of the goods and place them separately. Production of household chemistry consists of funds for personal hygiene, household goods and many ancillary details.

Surcharge on sold products, we recommend that you install in the range from 15 to 60%. Such an approach will enable quite flexible pricing policy and used to carry out periodically a system of discounts for buyers. Using coupons or cards you can attract more customers and make them their permanent buyers.


After opening a store selling household products immediately becomes a matter of fight with competitors. For enticing buyers to deploy advertising campaign. Note that attract customers will be quite difficult, so do not expect immediate success initiated the case.

Most major retail outlets for the sale of household chemistry products cater to about half of all clients. The remaining clients are split between network vendors and small private shops. Try to use all available means to get early customers. After the first month of work will become clear on what products buyers pay more attention and how they can bind to their own store.

Opening a shop selling household products don't forget to care about their customers, after all, quality of service is also a guarantor of success.

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