Working in the sphere of tourist business many firms earn very well. However, the industry is characterized by a fairly strong competition. For any travel agency, wants to continue to work, it is necessary not only work hard, but also look for any opportunities to attract customers. Using a few secrets, you can gain a foothold in the tourism industry and beat the competition.

Secrets of successful work

Open an agency of tourist services recommended in the regions and cities, which are the smallest number of offices competing firms.

Before you begin, it is recommended to conduct market research on tourist services in the country, to accurately determine the presence of similar firms in selected areas. Hiring professionals to determine which segments of the market was not yet sufficiently covered and in what areas there is an increased demand for tourist services.

It should not be directly sprayed on several fronts. To start, we recommend that you only select one and develop to the maximum quality of services rendered. Subsequently, extending work can begin on additional lines.

Optimal planning

Starting to work in the sphere of tourist business necessarily consider seasonality of the provision of services. The bulk of the income will fall on the period of active leisure customers (from April till October). Of course there are winter resorts, but they use far less popular among vacationers. The most massively tourists relax in summer, when there is a possibility for a beach holiday, hiking, excursions and visits to natural parks. In this regard, the open travel agency recommended in early spring to be able to fully immerse themselves in work and not idle in winter.

Advertising campaign

The cost of an advertising campaign can be up to 15% of the income of the average tourist firm. In the first phase, not all of the new agency can allow the allocation of more resources to advertising. At first it is recommended to determine the target audience, which will operate a travel agency. After that, you should place the promotional products in places the presence of this contingent. It will allow the fewest attachments to make the fullest use of the advertising potential. Later, when business expansion, you can supplement the categories of clients and use appropriate promotional products.

Opening a travel agency remember respect for clients and quality of the services offered. Satisfied customers are key to successful work of the company.

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