How to live, when suddenly the favourite place of work are hopelessly lost? Get out of my comfort zone and start their own business. Statistics in this regard is relentless: more than 45% of the inhabitants of our vast country would like to open your business, but only 4-5% are taking any action. The reasons for this are many, ranging from simple ignorance of the law to the fear of starting something new. And like all clear, and documents for opening IP file is not difficult, and are afraid of people somehow. Almost all surveyed businessmen said that the idea of his case found by chance, a choice dictated by life itself. Another part of the surveyed people said that just trying to realize her dream. Here are some examples of business ideas that brought success.

Assistant application

History of the creation of this application proves that sometimes the big team is bad. The application creator Michael Gladchenko said: the idea was born in the company Yandex together with Alexander Lapshin. Originally it was planned to create "smart alarm clock, which was supposed to be able to adjust the rise time depending on weather and traffic jams. But it was taken far too many people, this is the cause of the collapse of ideas, because they all had different opinions. First the concierge service was performed, and it very much people. A caring attitude towards people bearing fruit ".

Coffee, coffee

The founder of the network of coffee houses "Double bi» Anna Tsfasman in detail tells the story of the emergence of its business ideas. Losing job due to differences of opinion with the owner of the business, which she spent 5 years, had to make the decision to seek work for anyone again, or still do their job. "Lucky that already had all the necessary contacts", says Anna. In our country there are almost no coffee shops, which sell only coffee and can emerge at the international level. Anna's network in the coffee is sold only coffee, but it is very high quality, but such things as salad or cake, find there.

Yacht Charter

Owner and organizer of this business idea is Sergei Medvedev. Finally service began work only last year but already enjoys great popularity. The idea for the case came accidentally, Sergei had a whole week to be in the room. And in another day of this finding "inside four walls" came up with the idea that it would be more nice to not be in the room and on a yacht. But as someone who is keen on yachts, Sergei was not secretly aware that rent a yacht is not an easy task, although in fact the boats that are used very rarely, but could bring a good profit to its owner. Service developed by this person, allowed to get rid of a large number of intermediaries and make the search process easy and enjoyable. Clients can online to familiarize yourself with all of the options, packages and additional services. The service is very similar to websites for booking hotels and is called Anchor.Travel

News you need

Business idea for Vladimir Zimogorova was born out of a simple content analysis, which floods the Internet users. Totally irrelevant and uninteresting, and sometimes not very truthful news surround the inhabitants of our country: sanctions, hostilities, exchange rates and valuable resources, and more. But most residents are most interested in news shares and discounts at local stores, warnings about turning off the water and electricity or advertised different products or services. All this allows you to implement a new application called Meanwhile, it plays the role of a local news site, as well as a kind of advertising platforms and platform to publish different ads.

Board game

One of the largest firms in creating and selling Board Games belongs to Vyacheslav Drogajcevu. Games such as "Hugermuger" or "fly swatter" belong to his company Games Corporation.

Parking application

Idea concocted in Moscow, which is not surprising. In the capital, sometimes it is very difficult to find a place to park. In order to help do this, the application was coined ParkApp. It is based on the idea of transferring information about available parking places around public places. Application organizes search space and allows you to transfer information from one driver to another. The number of users has exceeded 50 thousand. people around the world.

Gadgets will save the world

The huge popularity of business idea on manufacture of various "smart" gadgets. It can be bracelets or watches. One successful example is the company Teslawatch. It has been producing gadgets with the year 2014, and T-band bracelet has already sold more than 2 thousand. times. This "smart" device can analyse indicators of activity and sleep and is gaining popularity because of its low prices.

In theory, any idea you can monetize, but, unfortunately, in practice, a very large number of start-ups fail at the outset. The idea that big money start coming as soon as the goods are sold, is wrong. Successful case is a big work that requires crazy and attachments.

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