Organization of recruitment agency, basic steps

Organization of recruitment agency, basic steps

Organization of a recruitment agency is an attractive business for two reasons. First, it does not require large initial investments. Secondly, does not require special professional knowledge.


Before opening a recruitment agency you need to decide whether your agency will be broadly focused, or whether it will be engaged in the selection of personnel of a narrow specialization (for example, nannies, nurses and governesses). Then determine who the agency will take money for services — from the employer or competitor.

Office room

Organization of the recruitment agency requires a small office, you can rent it in the business center. You buy a computer, a printer, a fax machine, a scanner and a phone. You hire 2-3 employees. Experienced recruitment specialists are unlikely to agree to work in a starting agency. Therefore, before the opening of its own recruitment agency business owner, it is desirable to work at least 6 months in a large recruiting agency to learn all the nuances and learn from experience. After all, you will have to conduct trainings with your future employees, teach them the basics of psychology and recruiting skill.

Customer base

The client base can be created from your own friends. If a recruiting agency deserves a good reputation, existing customers will recommend it to their acquaintances.

If you have acquaintances working in the personnel department of different enterprises, they can provide you with a list of open vacancies. You place them on websites that specialize in finding a job, select candidates through an interview. If your employer is hired for the above-mentioned enterprise, you will charge him the amount, according to the contract, in the amount of 0.5 — 0.7 salary.

If you decide to earn on employers, the contracts should provide for cases if your job seeker will be recruited, and he will not pass the probationary period. As an option in this case, you can return your received cash in the amount of 30%. Typically, the amount that you pay the employer for the closure of the vacancy is from 0.5 to 2 salaries.

Promotion channels

The channels for promoting your recruiting agency should be, first of all, websites and print publications specializing in job search. To replenish the base of applicants, you can place contextual advertising on popular search engines.

Personnel agency costs

Expenses of the recruitment agency. Rental of premises 10-15 thousand rubles, utility payments 3 thousand rubles, salary for employees 3 thousand * 2 people = 6 thousand (Employees need to set a symbolic salary +% of the vacancy). Advertising costs 10 thousand. Total average monthly expenses amount to about 34 thousand rubles.

Income of the employment agency

Income of the agency. An experienced recruitment specialist is able to close five vacancies a month. Employee without work experience 2 vacancies. Means on the average, each employee can bring to you the income about 30 thousand rbl. per month. If you yourself plan to participate in the process of recruiting at the beginning, the aggregate income of 3 people can reach 90 thousand rubles.

Subtract income from income, then minus taxes, and you will get an approximate net profit that a recruiting recruiting agency can earn.