Opening a bicycle and scooter rental business

Opening a bicycle and scooter rental business

Spring will soon be … The snow melts and it gets warmer. The sun looks out and starts to warm up with its delicate rays … Spring is the ideal time to start your business. It’s about renting bicycles and scooters (mopeds). This business is very profitable. If you use a competent approach, you can pay off already for the season …

This type of business is a small point on the hourly rental of high-speed bicycles and / or scooters. To organize a business, you need a minimum of red tape with paperwork. The minimum starting capital in the amount of several thousand dollars … The minimum rental area for the organization of rental bicycles or its complete absence (you can rent bicycles on the street near a fancy or shopping center).

Rental prices

Prices for rental can be set individually, focusing on the local market. Professionals advise not to set too high a rental price, but on the contrary to make it as low as possible, but to increase the number of rental units.

Number of bicycles and mopeds

The number of bicycles and mopeds depends primarily on the scale of the business, the more bicycles the more profit will be, naturally provided that there is demand.

But about him, just worried much is not necessary. Bicycle rental is very popular. And with a small advertising company you can get a large number of customers.

Although now a bicycle can afford to buy a good half of the country’s inhabitants, bicycle rental enjoys its popularity. We conducted a small survey among the people who rented the rolling stock, and that’s what happened. Most of the respondents like to ride, but they can not always do it and buy a bicycle, they consider as stupidity.

I’ll buy a bike, I’ll ride it five times a season. As I would not like to ride more often, the work does not allow. So why would I buy a bicycle if it’s easier for me to pay a couple hundred and ride for my own pleasure, «says Dmitry.

Some respondents refuse to buy a bicycle because of the obligation to care for it. Yes, indeed, a bicycle is like a car, you always need care …

How unsurprising, some people answered the question: Why do you rent a bicycle, but do not buy it? Said … that they do not have a place to store it … Apparently there are not enough places on the balcony for citizens.


Summarizing, we can say that to engage in the rental of mopeds and bicycles is still relevant and … profitable. An ideal addition will be rental for bicycle repair shops or for shops selling them.