Open marriage Agency

Help people find happiness and make money on this! Marriage Agency-profitable "niche" in a business where you can make your strength. Here kind of billions of dollars, and this turnover continues to grow with each passing year, as people become more and more lonely, because they have a more complexes, and someone just don't have time for a personal life.

How to open marriage Agency?

To begin, you will computer equipped with a scanner, printer, as well as the ability to access the Internet. When you ask yourself the question about how open marriage Agency, the issue with the location for the Office already is secondary, it is possible for him to rent an apartment on the first floor in the busy place.

The whole atmosphere of the Office marriage agency should suggest tranquility and customize visitors on a particular fret, and therefore worth consider in advance how to arrange the room. The location of the customers to the frankness of their trust is the most important factor in the entire case, in which to pick partners for marriage. It would be good to fix previous luck, your open marriage Agency, using the photos hanging on the walls of the Office, home-style cosy. Portraits of former customers happy will make an excellent advertising your marriage Agency. Book thanks to their original autographs will serve as a significant addition.

Tear off two types of marriage agencies — international and domestic. Another option is the Organization dating Russians with potential spouses other individual country. There are also differences in the system of charging customers for services either marriage agencies pay both concerned parties or grooms alone (in this case, data about brides register for free). The second option is the most common now.

So, you will need to establish contacts with foreign matrimonial agencies. To do this, and need the Internet, through which runs a subscription to readymade matrimonial directories of other countries, as well as all of their updates. Will need to arrange for their marriage Agency website in English and post there information gathered about their brides to foreign suitors. Base brides should be quite voluminous, and cull the girls should be in accordance with the stated status of the Agency. If services are assigned high-pay, quality of brides should be close to the high demands of the suitors (in appearance, level of development, etc.). With the passage of time itself will distinguish marriage Agency and mature in order to carry out long-term projects with major partner organizations abroad. Half of the amount paid by each foreign customer will be listed in our agency.

Together with foreign partners open and tours with their parties for brides in Russia and Ukraine. The group, composed of foreign suitors, it will be necessary to adequately take on its territory by organizing an event for dating in restaurant or club. Foreign visitors pay the marriage agencies for all is a few thousand dollars. The main thing is not to be trapped at a scam. Sometimes "grooms" is the "live" product dealers, there are generally criminals. Moreover, and "bride" are bogus: they start the game with vymanivaniem of lovers.

To avoid such situations you need to take the following measures:

  • check Passport clients and ask them to pursue personal and filling in questionnaires;
  • accurately maintain records of marriage Agency revenue, without any "left";
  • keep all the background information secret;
  • control correspondence brides with suitors or detail instructing girls against the likelihood of encounters with swindlers;
  • liaise with partner organizations (share scam lists).

To update and increase the database of brides have to use advertising. Experts estimate the profitability of such marriage agencies in 20%, which is quite a lot.

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