Oxygen bar and selling oxygen cocktails-the perfect solution for starting a business, the purpose of which is the improvement of the population. Low competition in the sector, fast payback and ROI are unquestionable advantages of this business idea.

The oxygen cocktail and its useful properties.

The oxygen cocktail was developed by the mid-20th century Soviet scientist n. N. Sirotinym. This drink consists of foam fluid based on fruit juice, which represents a large number of bubbles, enriched with a high oxygen content.

With a range of useful properties, oxygen cocktails fast became popular. They help:

-withdraw from the human body toxic toxins;

-normalize the metabolism and improve the gastro-intestinal tract;

-get rid of depression and headaches;

-increase stamina and improve condition of skin.

In Soviet times, such a tasty and hearty delicacy was included in the diet of athletes, women in the situation, as well as in schools. In our time with the growth of recreational and sports facilities are gaining popularity once again, oxygen cockta

ils. Prospects and benefits project oxygen bar.

Business can be implemented as a trading point for implementing oxygen cocktails, as well as the opening bars, where the main products are fruit drinks that were converted to air foam with high content of oxygen in pure form.

The oxygen cocktail can to compete the favorite delicacies, such as ice cream and popcorn, as have a number of advantages:

-pleases speed manufacturing,

-saturate well drinks and have a nice fruity taste, because they are made from the syrup and egg powder;

-health benefits are obvious: one drunk cocktail is equal to the dose of oxygen obtained from walks in the Park area.

Thanks to these properties, oxygen cocktails are popular with visitors to the sports and fitness clubs, hospitals, swimming pools. The availability of facilities for the production of beverages, fortified with oxygen, is an additional competitive advantage of these institutions.

Additional fields of business development can become a baby and medical institutions, such as schools, kindergartens and sections, pharmacies, health-improving effect on human organism. Also the target audience can be customers shopping, entertainment complexes, as well as cinemas. A large concentration of people wanting to snack will help to quickly recoup capital costs. Due to the favourable effect on appearance and human skin, especially women, oxygen cocktails you can offer visitors beauty salo

ns. features open oksibara.

Project opening point for selling oxygen drinks or bar does not require large capital investments. When the payback period the bar fairly quick. So the idea of creating a business will be for anyone who wants to start their own business: as a newbie and professional.

Point of oxygen producing beverages for consumption it is necessary to equip: oxygen concentrator and oxygen koktejlerom, necessary to convert fluid in the penoobraznoe State.

To assess the profitability of a business idea to implement useful oxygen drinks, you must consider what expenses are expected at the start of the project.

Capital cost calculation 1 outlet:

-the cost of equipment for the production of medicinal compounds, including oxygen concentrator and mixer for mixing the ingredients will cost approximately 30 thousand rubles;

-cash register la trade-about 10 thousand rubles;

-for cooking and cocktail demonstrations needed which will cost in the region of 30 thousand rubles;

-Chair for employee-2 thousand rubles.

Calculate the monthly cost of 1 point:

-placing of about 3 sq m, if the rent is approximately 5 thousand rubles;

-consumables: glasses (disposable), juice (1 litre of juice equals 60 servings), foam (supplied with the equipment), syrups is approximately 1200 rubles;

-the remuneration of an employee depends on the region.

Need additional certificates on the penoobrazujushhuju mix and equipment, medical book seller, registration and product in the organs of the SES. The costs of course material will be approximately 15 thousand rubles.

The cost of running a bar would amount to 77 000 rubles.

The next step is to calculate the cost of producing 1 serving (500 ml) cocktail:

-for 500 ml portions in need 1 gram foam mixture (we buy at 620 rubles per 300 gram), total 2 ruble consumption 1 serving;

-Need 100 grams of juice to 1 portion, subject to wholesale purchase, 5 roubles;

-1 disposable cups and spoon (wholesale)-1 ruble;

Total cost 1 500 ml size portions is 8 rubles.

If the cost of 1 cup cocktail in Moscow will be equal to 70 roubles, profit with 1 cocktail sold will be 62. For other Russian regions assume that 1 cocktail worth 40 rubles, while profit would equal $32 with 1 Cup.

Sales will depend on many aspects: location, attendance, taste, assortment prices for cocktails. Suppose, for the day will be sold 50 oxygen cocktails for the price of 50 rubles. Total per day will be generated 2500 rubles per month, and one point will bring 75 thousand roubles. It's on the 2 thousand rubles less capital expenditures, and from this we can conclude that the payback of one trade point comes already on the 2-3 month of trading.

Business profitability will vary depending on the region of the country. In some areas of Russia to implement niche oxygen cocktails is still available in other parts of the country labor costs and rent are much lower capital, respectively, profits can be more, despite markedly lower patency compared to the notorious Moscow. For residents of the regions start businesses to implement health drinks more than a real opportunity to build your profitable business.

Three ingredients for success business ideas.

The first oxygen cocktail maker.

The highest priority in this business is a high-quality, high-performance and easy-to-use oxygen cocktail maker. The task of this unit is to produce the oxygen cocktail by converting oxygen into the foam, enriched with oxygen. Placed on the marked spot for visitors, dear apparatus will give the institution the status of solid institutions and increase the level of loyalty and trust among customers. So do not skimp on buying high-quality equipment.

The Second Recipe.

Cocktail taste depends on three elements:

-texture, dense or liquid;

-water type basis-it may be water, various juices or fruit syrup;

-extract eggs.

There are many options to mix ingredients, it is important to find a balanced and pleasant to the taste of ingredients that will appeal to a broad audience of consumers. Previously used formulations based on the extract of licorice, which nowadays considered obsolete.

Third, the helpful staff (oksidzhej).

Great attention should be paid to selecting the right person for the job in oksibare. For the post of oksidzheja fit active, communicative, friendly person, who is not only able to qualitatively to cook a delicious cocktail, but also inspired to tell about its beneficial properties to buyers. With such a number of sales officer, will undoubtedly increase.

The idea of implementing useful oxygen cocktails not only socially important business, the core of which is the improvement of the population, but also a great way to earn money without great expense and short payback period of the project.

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