Beekeeping Equipment

Опубликовано: 16.02.2019

And here you can be congratulated-you have decided to do beekeeping. Will it be the production of honey in large volumes or purely for oneself to "tempt your medku"? Never mind. You still have a lot of questions, and one of the main issues will be: what equipment and tools are needed here?

Beekeeping Equipment

Apiary-is not only a natural array with hives, for a full-fledged arrangement will require a large number of inventory and equipment. It is a front mesh, smoker, chisel, wire for a tooling of frames, roevni, dipping, voskopress, honeycomb and centrifuges. Also on apiary necessary buildings, such as a house pasechnik, a canopy and zimovnik. Consider what and why you need a beekeeper.

Pasechnik House you will need to store inventory for beekeeping and spare frames, there you can do some work, store documents and records. The house needs to be heated and it is better to have lighting in it.

Under a canopy it is possible to store the overall inventory, not fit in a house (extractor, a hive on a reserve).

Starting from the middle lane, Russia has severe winters, so for habitations colonies will need zimovniki. They must also heated. There in winter and will be kept hives.

Often during the season it is necessary to transport hives from one place honey to another. This will require a nomadic booth. After all, the beekeeper will have to dispersal live always next to the bees.

Smoker is an inventory necessary for Podkurivanija bees, during their inspection, smoke calms them.

Chisel helps to push the frame in the hive to clean its walls from wax.

Roevnja gives temporary placement and maintenance of swarms before placing them in a hive.

Transportation of hives and inventory can be carried out on a pasechnoj trolley.

Centrifuges is a device for pumping honey from cellular. It happens several kinds, for example, Chetyrehramochnaja centrifuges allows to pump simultaneously with four nesting frames. Centrifuges is an expensive inventory, so if you are only trying your hand at beekeeping it is better to borrow extractor from other beekeepers.

If you are a beginner beekeeper, first of all buy the most necessary and inexpensive equipment, and the rest will be purchased as needed. And remember that the inventory should always be healthy, in case of its breakage, it is better to repair it immediately or replace it with a new one, because there may be different unforeseen cases on apiary.

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