Whether you want to spend money on advertising?

This article is intended for people that are just starting their business online (or will start), and usually do not have the available funds to invest in promotion and advertising of the resource.

If you take into account the fact that promotion and site optimization in our time is worth from $1 000 and "ceiling" generally cannot be determined, the newcomer in the online business is unlikely this amount seem jacking. And even more so if you have no experience of doing business in the Internet, from where you can know where to invest and where not worth?

For this reason, to start free advertising methods-benefit in their Network yet. This will serve as a sort of training before you start spending money on paid promotion methods. By the way, using free methods of advertising, you'll earn, and possibly very well. If desired, first income could invest in techniques that will be described below.

Buy a paid newsletter or "pour out" free

All more or less authoritative resources have their own newsletters. There are also services that provide this service completely free of charge. But one serious case Productions mailing will not be enough. You need to have at least two. In fact, on one mailing list the number of subscribers is growing very slowly.

You can, of course, wait five years late, but work-when? Much faster, easier and better to take and combine several their mailings in one. You must notify their subscribers that subject a bit will change and all.

Thus, you get from multiple mailing lists Edition of, say, 2 000 subscribers to one in 4 000. Time will pass, and you can merge pull subscription 4 000 man-the idea is more than a simple, yet effective. Combining mailings is a paid service.

But it is worth it if the number of subscribers exceeds 1,000 people. Besides all this, there are auctions where you can just buy a mailing list with a solid number of subscribers. The cost depends on the number of subscribers and content distribution. To the novice, it was on that equal, for example.

Major projects have mailing with a circulation of more than half a million subscribers. You also, in order to earn decent, you have to have a newsletter with a circulation of not less than 100 0000. Therefore, from the outset, really look at the amount of work, time and effort to be spent to reach the normal level of earnings.

Its newsletter

The availability of free distribution have a number of shortcomings, or, more precisely, do not possess a number of advantages that offer paid options. For example, the free version you cannot access the e-mail addresses of subscribers and you wholly dependent on the whims of bots and administration servers.

Not so uncommon simply distribution block. And restore after you use one of the paid service — for example, to merge mailings.

That is why and much better to have on their individual site newsletters. And this will form the mailing list subscribers "axis" of your customer base. After all, these people are subscribed to your mailing list, which means that you do something interesting! Its newsletter already need to invest. You can buy a ready-made script you can use the services of paid services.

Other ways to

In addition to all the above, there are many options to spend money on advertising. Enumeration of even small parts of them would take a very long time and just exhaust the reader. You can take my word for it, in the course of their Internet activities, you will stumble on them at every step.

It is recommended to treat them gently, and not to give the money to the first comer, obeshhajushhemu to advertise your site on the entire Internet. Advertising should make a profit! Otherwise it is meaningless. Always ask yourself the question: "if I spend $100 advertising, whether they would return to me with interest?" Ask this question to all who will offer you to advertise your site. Professionals with great probability, calculates a possible profit and amateur will tell you that it is impossible.

So what then is the meaning of wasting money on something that is impossible to calculate? This is not a casino. The next item he would like to advertising does not apply, it is rather about investing in my experience.


As you already understood, your online activities is most directly related to such things as small or home business. And if you, sorry, pot is used, it would be and saw my drawings, right? The matter is simplified by the fact that business is virtual, and you can easily find many training materials desired.

Of course, most of them are paid, and this is quite normal. Better to pay once and learn something per month than spend years to learn all the nuances. As already mentioned, the selection is quite wide, and you can use any of your favorite informational product.

Here on that we can't save. Otherwise you'll be another inventor bike and you can avoid this by simply reading about how people do business. When you do this, you will save your main resource is time.

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