New life. How to start a business?

Very few employees can boast that they have enough of their income. The lion's share of the salary goes on food, transportation and taxes, as a result, there is almost no available funds. Particularly the discussions can boast a loan or mortgage.

Eventually the person is faced with a choice: either to continue to bend back to the employer, or open their own business. In favor of self-employment say numerous success stories of entrepreneurs who started their business from scratch, and for several years have achieved incredible profits.

However, at the thought of your own case appears more questions than answers: what to do, where to get start-up capital, operate one or hire employees?

First of all you need a psychological mood upbeat.

If the owner is not sure of himself, afraid of competitors, it is difficult to get used to the change, to make your business successful it will be extremely difficult. In order to assure their thematic literature worth reading, talk with businessmen, enlist the help of family and friends. The same help self-education or appropriate training.

When psychological mood all is OK, you need to determine the direction of the business.

Often choose one of three areas: production, services and trade. Each of these areas has its own peculiarities. In order to understand which of these approaches to be successful, you need to understand what a person does best, what of his abilities he is willing to share with others, to conduct market research, to identify free or little occupied niches.

The easiest way to deal with the provision of services. With minimal investments, you can get a good income. For the provision of services does not necessarily rent, hire workers. Customers can come to your home or call owner to yourself. What services you can provide? For example, to deliver, counselling, provide services to maintain health and beauty, organize holidays. The choice is wide, you only need to define market needs and their abilities to meet these needs.

Start a business in trade without attachments will not work. And even if the supplier agrees to transfer the goods under implementation, will still have to pay your rent retail space, transportation and much more.

The most expensive is considered manufacturing. Without a decent initial capital here. However, if guess what product manufacture, cost justify itself in a short time. Not so many producers, entrepreneurs increasingly prefer to trade.

Business plan

Whatever kind of business person picked, it will need a business plan to understand how his case will be developed, what costs would be required and how quickly they can recoup ourselves. Based on the business plan, already in the process of work you will be able to respond flexibly to changing market conditions.

Starting capital

If no initial capital not to do, you have to find it. It is desirable that these were not vital to the family of the entrepreneur, for example, funds for the study of children, or the important an operation of one of the family members. Just not worth it to apply for a loan at the Bank, because if the business still burned up, the owner will remain in debt hole, from which he later would be difficult to get out. Better to attract investors, show him the business plan, explain why this activity will bring income. You can also contact the employment centre, registered as unemployed and get initial capital.

Advertising and competitors

For the effective promotion of goods or services on the market requires advertising. It can be banners, flyers, advertising on radio or television. Free advertising-relatives and friends, who will tell about goods or services that only you have.

Just need to find out the weaknesses of the competitors. Learn how they communicate with customers, offer discounts, advise whether the buyers. Based on this information, it is possible to actively attract new customers by offering them what competitors do not have.

The hardest to organize their work in the big city, where the market is totally glutted, and a novice entrepreneur you need to put a lot of effort and resources to find its niche. Plenty of opportunities to offer small cities and the countryside. Their advantage is that costs for rent, transportation, advertising is much lower than in the metropolis; Entrepreneur easier to find activity, where he would have no competitors or competition is weak enough to allow him to create a long-term business; the small town is easier to cover the advertising campaign or delivery. This is not the whole list, but these points enough to understand that business in a small town with the right approach has good prospects.

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