Who to go to study after school to become a sought-after specialist

What professions will increase demand in 3-5 years-about it is necessary to think to millions of current high school students. There are a lot of professions, and it is difficult to adequately evaluate the proposals in the labor market, but everyone wants to have a demanded job.

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    This article will help you to see the tendencies of the market and to choose the appropriate speciality, allowing in some years to receive the high paid position, instead of simply to nobody the necessary diploma.

    Professions of the future

    Modern reality is changing so quickly that to give an accurate forecast of how the market will change in 10 or 20 years, no one can. However, here are some useful conclusions that you can make now:

    1. Jobs will be less.

    It is mainly about unskilled work-taxi driver, cashier, etc.

    The reasons for the future reductions are several: the growth of the population is higher than the growth of the economy, and technological progress is gradually entering all areas of human life. Modern citizen not surprise self-service ticket offices and orders of goods via the Internet. Singapore is already preparing to launch the first unmanned taxi, will soon be testing the first drone Tesla. The service industry is becoming more and more automated, so there is reason to believe that it will require fewer living professionals.
    1. IT professionals will become even more popular

    Representatives of this sphere are listed on the market now – they are offered high salaries and positions in the largest companies. The high-tech era dictates its own rules, and the humanitarian professions clearly lose the professions associated with computer technology.

    1. Wage gap will increase

    Who to go to study after school to become a sought-after specialist

    In the future, it is likely that it will be more difficult to stay "Serednjachkom". The world is divided into highly skilled professionals with a good salary and unskilled workers with scanty salary. Medium-sized applicants will have to either improve their skills or be content with worse jobs and lower salaries.

     And now it is a natural question: how to behave in the modern market?

    How to become a demanded specialist in the labor market: 3 main Councils

    Competition in the market is getting higher, so it is desirable to think about its advantages even before the beginning of work. Below are some tips that will help not only to turn into a demanded specialist, but also to consolidate this status for many years:

    1. Develop specialized skills

    Today's schoolchildren will have to study not only at the university, but also for almost the rest of their lives. Professionals with high and low qualifications differ only in the quality of work-that is the skills that they own. It is the skills that allow one lawyer to lead major international projects, and the second to claim a position with a salary of only 15 000 rubles.

    Even if you start with a small, the main thing is not to stop and continue to learn-over time you liberate far ahead and will pass all the competitors.
    1. Choose your growing markets

    i.e New niches, which have just appeared, will become highly competitive in 10 years. This includes the new BLOKCHEJNU and cryptocurrency as well as digital technologies. In such markets, on the one hand, there will be more offers and professions, on the other-they will invest more money.

    1. Learn to do everything quickly

    It is unlikely that a modern young specialist will be able to change his place of work as his predecessors for life. Most likely, you will work not only in different companies, but also in the fields of activity. You need to be ready for this: be able to switch, quickly process information, acquire new skills.

    Who to go to study after school to become a sought-after specialist

    What professions are waiting for popularity in the near future? And what specialties will soon be conquered by the market? About this below.

    What professions will be in demand in 2022: forecast

    For many current experts, analysts have a very disappointing prognosis. Universities have released too many lawyers and psychologists, and even designers are more than needed by the market. On the other hand, there is a shortage of agronomists, doctors (all specialties) and engineers. In general, the most difficult thing to do is to get a job in the specialty of the graduates-humanitarian: More than 80% of them and now can not do it.

    What profession to choose, that it and in the future remained in demand?

    Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides pointed out a number of areas in which machines are not yet able to completely replace a person:

    • Educational sphere;
    • Health;
    • Individual services;
    • Estate;
    • The sphere of the house economy.

    In other areas, robotics will become more and more demanded. But it does not mean that people will not be needed. Just new professions are needed to work with machines. So, already forecast new specialties that will appear in the next 10 years:

    • Designer of airships;
    • Bioethicist;
    • Medical doctor in the field of IT;
    • Robotics engineer;
    • Cosmo-geologist;
    • Designer of the Zero roads.

    This is not the whole list of professions of the future. At the moment it consists of more than 100 items-and in due course will only increase.

    See also videos on the topic:

    If you think that such a future is more like a fantastic movie, remember how our world has changed in the past 20 years. Just recently we included music on tape recorders, used film cameras. Children dreamed of a personal computer, and adults about a cell phone-then these things were worth the decent money. And some did not even hear about the Internet.

    What about today? The market is littered with cheap PCs and other gadgets, the internet is worth a penny, we order food and clothing online. It's been quite a while!

    There is one thing: while the designers of airships in universities are not taught. Graduates will have to choose from what is now. However, this is not a verdict: you just need to take into account the possible changes and choose the sphere of activity closest to prospective professions. When the market is changed, new training programs will be available, and it will be easier for people with basic knowledge in the right area to learn.

    Of course, you should not forget about personal preferences. After all, to work on a high-paying, but unloved job, too, do not want. Besides, there are not enough promising specialties.

    What professions will disappear from the market

    It is rather a constant decrease in the number of employed specialists – up to the total disappearance, which (in some cases) may take more than one decade. For example, experts have long predicted the disappearance of librarians, but they still work in their libraries. But with the development of computer technology this profession is really becoming less necessary every year.

    Who to go to study after school to become a sought-after specialist

    The other dying professions are sellers. They will become less necessary due to the automation and growth of online purchases. The list also includes postmen and some other professions such as postmen or Vahtery.

    But not only unskilled work disappears. Experts predicted that soon the journalists, copywriters, experts of editing and adjustment of texts will remain not in affairs. The functions of journalists will be assumed by social networks, and the work with the text is automated.

    The post of Secretary-National too soon can be abolished: already now many businessmen are cheaper to hire remote assistant. Representatives of such professions as understudy, stuntman and museum worker can replace advanced technologies.

    Who to go to study after school to become a sought-after specialist

    Lawyers, accountants, economists and managers, who are already overabundance in the market, will find work even more difficult by the middle of the 21st century. Sberbank has already notified about its plans to replace about three thousand active lawyers robots, and the Ministry of Finance has received a proposal to halve the number of accountants.

    At the moment 50 professions belong to endangered, and some of them are now very popular among the population.

    What will change in the labor market in the near future

    Developments in technology would affect all areas. Before choosing a university and a speciality, it is necessary to assess sensibly what it is necessary to learn to become successful. We talked about the introduction of robotics, but this is not the only important change in the market:

    • Doctors and teachers relieve from paper work special programs. The professions themselves will still be relevant;
    • Along with IT-technologies and eco-projects, the sphere of services will be actively developed;
    • To obtain the required high-paying specialty, the applicant must be proficient in English. It will be useful to know Chinese and some other European languages;
    • Education will increasingly be moving into the online realm. People will learn more – after the Diploma specialists go to master additional narrow training programs;
    • The diploma will be valued less than the real knowledge and skills of the applicant.

    Given these tendendcii, it is possible to think about additional courses or education – for example, about English language courses along with studying at the university.

    Who to go to study after school

    Experts provide the following list of professions that will definitely be in demand in the next 10-30 years: Engineers, technicians, doctors, chemists, biologists, ecologists, specialists in tourism and, nanotechnology.

    But marketers, PR and lawyers, who are now filled with the market, do not belong to prospective professions. In these areas there is high competition, so good money can only be earned by highly qualified specialists.

    Another very new but promising sphere of employment is the blockchain technology. It is already acting as an academic discipline in foreign and Russian universities, and this market is growing at unprecedented rates, attracting huge sums of money.

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