Cats are methods "insects", or how to get rid of cockroaches in your head

Sometimes we hear the phrase: "pay no attention to it, in her head the cockroaches", "it's in your head with cockroaches," everyone in the head of your cockroaches. Cockroaches in the head — what's this? Because we do not have in mind that in the minds of our familiar, indeed, wound up red whiskered insects? Of course not. Under the cockroaches in the head we mean oddities, quirks, eccentricities inherent in a person.

Curiously, in other languages, too, there are idioms, characterizing the oddities in behavior. For example, Germans talk about bird's head, Englishmen — bee under the hat, and poles — on Mosul in the nose. Why in Russian, we are talking about cockroaches, is unknown, although there are different versions of the. One of them interfere with cockroaches just where not only will lodge. They are extremely hardy and multiply with incredibly high speed. Thus, conventionally settling in somebody's head, they make a person strange, an oddball, not like the other.

Obviously, cockroaches are different, and not all of them are worth fighting for. For example, a person may feel strange — with cockroaches in the head just because he has his own opinion, and it's not like most. And most, as you know, thinks stereotypes and cliches. They have been programmed to parents, teachers, friends, press, and live on alien plants easier — it's like go on the beaten track. Stereotypes are ready-made conclusions, albeit incorrect, made by someone else. They are useful because you can not fill the cones, which are unavoidable when you purchase your own experience.

But, as he wrote an American journalist Walter Lippman, author of the book "public opinion", "When all think alike, no one thinks not.

Among the popular stereotypes: "all the rich — thieves and rogues, and all poor, honest and noble", "Chutzpah is second happiness", "unmarried woman unhappy and at night crying in pillow", "Kids need to have to age was to whom to submit the glass of water", "All men want from women only one" etc. p. Among these relatively neutral stereotypes is not so innocuous. For example, "All Jews are hucksters", "French-splash pools," "Americans — blunt-s-s!".

In the tale of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, "the Emperor's new clothes" and the people, and courtiers — all as one, repeated the myth about brave new clothes until a little boy, not yet "the habit of thinking stereotypes, not opened people's eyes:" the King is naked! ".

People who think stamps, often referred to as someone who believes otherwise, man with cockroaches in the head. In fact the opposite is true.

People with cockroaches in your head

So, people with cockroaches in my head is someone who:

1. Thinks stereotypes

Cockroaches in my head is thinking stereotypes and clich?s. Stereotypes die hard just like cockroaches, and passed on from generation to generation. People don't want to abandon them, even when they make sure that they "do not work". "Well, the existence of the exception confirms the existence of rules", they say.

Than dangerous thinking stereotypes?

Firstly, each of them, in varying degrees, is false. Information that stereotypes are far from reality. But it is easy and accessible, and to its grasp, there's no need to rack your brains. Sensing her people are based not on facts but on other people's submissions. In essence, stereotypes mislead them.

Secondly, quite often the stereotypes used abused. They serve weapon manipulation by humans. For example, using stereotypes incited ethnic and inter-ethnic conflicts;

2. Goes on about their complexes

There are cockroaches and other types of facilities, is settled in individual heads. Most often they are found in young people who can't quit close world moral conventions and restrictions. If they are freed from them, their life would become more and more interesting. But self-doubt and dependence on someone else's opinions do not give them to do so;

3. Focused on the negative

To "cockroaches in your head" can be attributed and useless thoughts. Sociologists have studied about what people think in the course of the day, came to the conclusion: 90% about the same as yesterday and the day before yesterday, and pozapozavchera. It is thought the uncontrolled, "the slot machine", and most of them is negative: "if I was younger, you'll be …", "Why I said that?", "do not need to do that," nobody understands Me, today is not my day, etc. Eventually the bad mood, irritation, fatigue.

Here it is possible to attribute(relate) and obsessive thoughts, such as about the past. There is no benefit from them, they only take away mental strength, energy and time.

Breaking the cycle is to get rid of cockroaches in your head

Get rid of cockroaches in your head, you can only:

1. Acknowledging their existence and realizing the threat that emanates from them

People living stereotypes, suffering their associated complexes on the hands and feet. They stick to old habits, fear of risk and become hostages of their thoughts. Unknown to them the freedom to choose their future, they will never know their capabilities and their dreams remain unfulfilled.

Those who restricted their lives by, ever ask: "Holiday is over, and where the same gifts? A gift and a life, and they were present, but none of that is not explained (Tatyana Tolstaya);

2. Reprogramming itself to positive attitudes

They will look at the world differently, get out of the usual framework. English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray remarked: "the world is a mirror, and it returns each his own image". As a result, we get what we wish to see in your own world. How he will tackle is to us.

There is a thought, but we are not engaged in self-deception, banishing the negative thoughts. Why should convince yourself that everything is fine, when in fact all bad? The fact of the matter is that the validity of the neutral, and we define their attitude towards it. Only negative thoughts make us see the world in black ("All men are bastards", "Baba,") and positive hope, cheer up, make life more interesting.

One man says to himself that he is not capable of fish and the other sure it absolutely everything on the shoulder. Both are misguided. But it is absolutely certain that the second in life will make more;

3. After leaving the comfort zone

The right tool to get rid of stereotypes is to get out of your comfort zone, give food to the mind, to know the world and the people. For example, many felt that Americans are outgoing and self-confident, are noisy and not too intellectually developed. And the French — smug about, idlers and lovelasy. It might be better to see it for himself than mindlessly repeat for someone?

In the same way you can and get rid of complexes. Decide and change your job, which is not in joy and suggests such a longing, that any desire to make a career out of the question. Many people do not dare to do this and continue to suffer from complexes loser. Some manage to realize its full potential only when their circumstances throw out the usual framework.

Everyone has freedom of choice, and every man must decide to eliminate him from their cockroaches or let them multiply.

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