Massage salon business plan

  • Massage salon business plan

A few years ago massage remained the prerogative of the health centres, make an appointment which was quite difficult. Today, to relax and enjoy the amazing movements of a professional masseur need only visit specialized on this type of salon services.

It should be noted that very positively to this situation include the modern Russians, who quite often allow myself soak in such a place, and they are willing to pay for this rather high price, because money is such a quality relaxation retreat.

It should also be noted that rated such a high demand for the services of professional masseurs and domestic entrepreneurs with great pleasure to offer specialized rooms and even entire complexes, because attachments this business requires minimal, but the payback is very high and occurs within the first four months of operation.

By the way, another reason for the emergence of the so-called "boom" massage in our country is that there is no need to obtain a special permit and additional licenses in the State Minzdavrazvitija for commercial activity in the field of Cosmetology and massage. An exception might only manipulative therapy, which, incidentally, is also popular among Russian citizens.

Selection of premises and equipment

Before you start your business and open the first massage parlour should decide on the place of its location and target audience, which actually will be calculated based on all the services offered.

Thus, for customers who will come to your salon solely for the purpose of healing your body and on the advice of medical professionals will not pay attention to the location of the salon, because for them the most important thing to the professionalism of massage therapists is consistent with the required qualifications, and they in perfection would have all the necessary knowledge and skills.

If you have decided to focus its business on those people who only need to relax after a long and tiring day of work, of course, the location of the Salon will play a central role.

Because they did not want to after a nice session and unbelievable relaxation under the hands of a professional masseur shake even an hour on public transport or even with your own car, getting to an apartment or a private home where they live.

By the way, more than 70% of visitors to massage the aim of characters to enjoy and de-stress through skills and mastery of the masseur. It is for this very reason, the most attractive sites for the location of the massage Salon are sleeping areas of any city and elite residential complexes.

It should be borne in mind that it is best to have the salon on the ground floor of the buildings, because it is very useful not only for the inhabitants of this House, but also for those who come for a massage.

It should also be borne in mind that according to modern standards of SES on every potential client must be not less than 8 square meters. m. Salon premises, which in fact should be taken into account in the Organization of this kind of business.

If we talk about the ideal conditions for each specialist should provide a separate cabinet or similar connect to paired, because currently for rent commercial real estate is quite expensive, but because all businessmen seeking to save for such expenses as much as possible.

In the latest version in each pair of massage therapists must be given to 12 kV. m., because otherwise they will not be able to competently perform their duties and to apply skills to the fullest.

Qualified specialists have an unspoken rule that the use of this kind of simultaneous massage can girlfriends, spouses or other relatives who know each other well, and will not experience any inconvenience during the session from the presence of a stranger in the Cabinet.

According to the rules and regulations that are used for all modern entrepreneurs who opened their own massage parlor, the room must be mandatory.

In some cases, no superfluous happens and bath for total relaxation clients who have heard about aromatherapy and other methods of relaxation of the body. The walls and floor in the Cabinet must be lined with ceramic tiles or covered with washable wallpaper, because otherwise there will appear a claim by members of the SES, who will often come with checks, constantly interrupting a massage and thus hampering your business.

Can not do at the massage salon and without special backgrounds, which can cost up to 15 thousand rubles, also not superfluous will be a couple of couches, each of which costs about 4 thousand rubles. Now all this can easily buy medical equipment store and even order equipment delivery.

However, do not na?ve to think that besides medical equipment massage Salon is nothing more is required. For example, it is impossible to imagine one without Salon no couches, where a visitor can sit in anticipation of their session and read magazines.

As well as not to do without reception, which will sit a specialist responds to all customer questions and witness the timely passage of inscribed for massage parlors. The working premises must be purchased cabinets or racks for storage of cosmetic products, which will cost approximately 10 thousand rubles per unit.

Do not forget the cosmetics themselves, such as oils and other lotions, without which it would be quite problematic to pound a customer who came in hoping to get maximum relaxation and feel a surge of strength and energy.