Small business and its development prospects in the year 2017

Crisis has small business pretty strong. Part of the entrepreneurs in mind economic environment was forced to declare itself bankrupt, part simply covered up their activities. The remaining businessmen is not assured in the future, expecting a new wave of negative influence.

One sole proprietors do not cope and this is obvious. Now they are in dire need of Government support. The Government tried to attempt to assist small businesses, but they proved ineffective.

State assistance in the year 2017

The State is counting on small business, so the plans for the next year they expressed that assistance would be. From the budget it is planned to allocate 15 billion rubles in aid of the segment. But do not forget that the country is facing a serious crisis and public funds are scarce. To this end, from the optimization of structures. Therefore, it is not clear that this promise will be made or executed, but not in full. While support measures still being developed by the Government, so small businesses have hope for a brighter future.

Creating a new registry

For small and medium enterprises Agency of economic development has been a new registry, which will soon enter into force. Presumably the start program will commence at the beginning of the coming year that will significantly improve the situation and to open new opportunities for business.

Banking support

Anyone can start their own business. Not worth fearing that all further collapses due to the crisis. The State today is ready to support entrepreneurs in all their endeavors. Banking systems offer their private loans for small businesses on favorable terms. As guarantees would have to leave a deposit is the trick. But this perspective in the open lot.

Grants from State

The State also offers its concessional lending for small and medium business development. But the return of funds commitments is imperative.

But there are grants. This grants the applicant which may become literally anyone. The only thing you need is a complete report on the spending of the funds received. Options for receiving such assistance a little, but it's worth a closer look.

• Grant, sponsored from the regional budget. Usually it does not exceed the sum of 300 thousand. rubles. While the principle of 50 to 50, i.e. half the costs for the opening of his case must pay the merchant himself.

• Grants for experienced entrepreneurs who do not open and expand their business, which already brings a great income. Here the businessman can count on 90-percent State assistance.

• Grant-support for the unemployed, i.e. for those who are under the influence of the crisis was forced to remain without work. This support is temporary.

Business opportunities

New year ready to meet businessmen innovations that give some nice opportunities for them. When renting premises from every businessman appears right to redeem his part. And later to become the sovereign of its owner.

Banks are ready to sponsor the businessmen under 11% per annum, in addition to the Russian State Bank that is willing to give credit to its customers under 6.5%.

For easy orientation in the market soon for merchants you want to make a single "navigation". It will be an original map showing various destinations favorable cases that are worth discovering precisely in 2017 and beyond.

Specifically designed multi-functional centers will give entrepreneurs useful information on their activities. They will offer them relevant ready-made business model, get the opportunity of additional training and much more.

Cancel additional tax burden

Many times it was rumored that small business will raise the tax burden. In fact, this will not happen. In the year 2017 will go the same way as it went. Benefits provided by the Government for businessmen, will further expand and seek new ideas for business.

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