Major errors when opening an online store

In the previous article, we described what to look for when opening a small shop. Now we present a list of key errors when opening the online store.

Chosen a bad supplier, which provides peripheral stock

If there are no funds to purchase goods in the warehouse, you will need to work with a warehouse provider on which you want to reserve the item. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the Manager or use the Internet distribution supplier. The system allows you to reserve the product and analyze warehouse on-line.

Unfortunately, not all suppliers to meet their obligations in good faith, so the only way to insure that it is qualitatively check provider:

  • Contact the Manager on the phone and find out whether the provider works with online shopping. If Yes, then this is a good sign.
  • You must obtain from the provider inventory matrix (Pricelist with remnants), 80% of which is always in stock.
  • There is a need to clarify how often come to the delivery of the goods and any number of products in regularly supplied matrix.
  • Meet with your manager and discuss the details of the interaction. After talking with Manager would be better clear overall picture.
  • View warehouse and estimate depth of runoff. To do this, you can count (when possible) the approximate number of shelving and the quantity of the item on them. Then compare the resulting number with remainders in the product matrix obtained from a provider. If the numbers don't meet the order worth thinking about.

The selected product is sold with a small mark-up

Make sure that the mark-up of the goods allows to cover ALL costs, namely: the reception of the order, purchase, deliver, rent, Internet point, SHOOT, etc. For e-commerce is better to choose a product with a service charge of 50%. To calculate quantitative value markups you want from the selected product prices in the cheapest webshop to deduct the selling price of the provider.

Information about the availability of an item is not updated on the site

Information about the availability of an item on the site you want to change as soon as received from the supplier of the new price list with the remains. To do this, you can use the services of freelancers that convert price-list in the desired format and update balances in the CMS of your online store. Or make one yourself.

Low service level

There are a few simple rules that are sufficient to provide a decent level of customer service. Here are some of them:

  • Before online store should be easy to reach. Record on tape saying something like: "your call is very important to us" make companies for which the incoming call is absolutely not important! In the opposite case, the operator picks up the phone at the second-the third beep.
  • Responding to the call, you need to greet and cultural, calling its online store. Version of the greeting "Aljo" or "Yes, dear" is not acceptable. It is desirable to increase the level of business communication, visiting several trainings, which dealt with the basic principles of e-mail communication with its clients.
  • If the client has left the order on the site, you need to call back to the client within the next 20-30 minutes from the moment of acceptance of the order, and better sooner. Call waiting time for all clients must be the same. Nobody likes to wait. Information on the status of the order must come to the customer as soon as possible. Better come up with clear rules for working with client orders. It is desirable to perform all client requests whenever possible. If the client requests a courier to call an hour before the entrance, then better take care about that.
  • Stands provide the client with maximum information. Confirm delivery call and by mail. Some online retailers use SMS notifications.
  • You must promptly respond to requests received by mail. Any of these can be converted to an order.
  • It is desirable to print business cards online store and attach to documents that came with the product, which is delivered to customers.
  • Courier for the client-representative online store. Couriers should be polite, neat look, not giving off odors.

Outdated design online store

Many online retailers do not meet modern standards of design and usability interfaces. This increases the distrust of customers and leads to their loss.

Here are a few simple rules:

  • It is better to entrust the design professionals. It is desirable to give professionals as possible tips and try to accept what they offer, even if the picture is not to their liking. The best choice of Design Studio-a look at operating online stores with their design.
  • No need to jekspirementirovat with usability. Already long ago there are standards, they are used by large online retailers. If you want to implement something of functional leaders ask the Studio making the site, how easy it is to do. Very often underestimated the complexity of any functionality. Your task is not to surprise the client a nice template design, and make the buying process as easy as possible. "Good artists copy, great artists steal."

The choice is not "their" goods

Often, chasing the luck familiar online store creator starts to sell goods which it uninteresting. You must love the product, know about it a huge amount of detail, then it will be possible to qualitatively select assortment matrix and seek repeated purchases from buyers.

Ignorance of the law and the rules of trade and business activity

For the design and operation of Internet-shop it is enough to learn the following:

  • All questions concerning registration of an individual entrepreneur, operating cash register and tax legislation can be found here.
  • The consumer protection act.

It seems that to open an online store easy. But in fact, it is quite an easy task with their own features and rules. And as Theodore Roosevelt said: "never wrong one who does nothing". Best of luck!

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