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Often, aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open a clothing store, make a number of classic mistakes that lead to significant financial losses and even to close the barely started business. Nuances in the retail trade of clothing great variety and one article is not to do. Therefore, we will highlight the most common rules in our opinion:


    How much money you need to open a clothing store

    Often, aspiring businessmen when planning investments in clothing store, the main items of costs consider the purchase of equipment, repair, design of premises and rent. In this case, they forget about the cost of the goods, hoping to take it under implementation. This is a serious mistake, putting a greasy cross on the success of the whole business. After all, the clothes for sale are usually rented in cases when it is low in quality or does not correspond to the current season. Therefore, such goods will not be in demand, and the store will be without profit.

    When planning your investment in clothing store, be sure to consider the cost of purchasing the goods. In some cases, the share of start-up costs to create an assortment of goods can reach up to 50-80% of all the costs of opening a clothing store.

    Clothing Store

    Set the markup for the product 100% and above

    The second important rule is that you should set the highest trade mark-up. Naturally basing on the current market price. However, many novice entrepreneurs by mistake believe that by making a minimum trade mark-up, they will be able to earn on a large turnover of goods. But to earn as much at a lower trade mark-up, the turnover should increase exponentially.

    Plan the costs of creating an assortment of items

    This rule was partially affected in the first paragraph. The experience of successful shop owners testifies to the undeniable fact: when planning the purchase of goods by prepayment, you get the lowest purchase price and a higher trade mark-up. The cost of forming a stock can reach up to 80% in the amount of all the costs of opening a clothing store. Ignoring businessmen of this simple truth translate the new project into a category stillbirths. Not without reason spoke one classic: "In the morning money-in the evening chairs". If you want to sell the goods profitably, try to buy it first. And if you do not have enough funds for this main cost article, it is better not to open the store.

    Consider the need to generate inventory

    Let's say you found money to buy goods in a new store. And then another question arises: "How many clothes should I buy?"

    The law of the genre of clothing stores-the presence of sufficient commodity balances. This is a trivial truth, and many of the operating shopkeepers, reading it will say: "Yes this and brainer understandable!"-and skip this point. But it is not necessary to hurry-it is not so simple. For example, the optimal capacity of the trading hall is 100 units. Clothing. How will the novice entrepreneur-he buy 100 ed. Goods from the supplier and promise to arrive in a week for a new shipment of goods. Filled with optimism, he cuts the red ribbon of his shop-trade is open. On the first day buyers buy 10 units. The most interesting goods, on the second-5 units, on the third another 3 units. and trade stops. Why? Because here comes the Pareto law, according to which 20% of goods give 80% of revenue (profit). And our entrepreneur did not have time to replenish the dried range of popular goods, and now the buyers are forced to choose the best of what is left. At that, 20% of the area is simply idle. It would be more correct to proceed as follows: to buy 150 or even 200 units. Clothing, depending on how often you can pick up the goods from the supplier. This way, you could maintain a daily range of sold goods. And, if you do not have a separate warehouse, it is better to off part of the shopping hall, but do not reduce the exposure. Daily carry and put new clothes in place sold out. After all, it does not prevent you to offer the client something special directly from the warehouse-often it psychologically induces the client to buy.

    Regularly update the product collection.

    Your customers will visit the store as often as you will be updating the product collection. If the client comes again and sees nothing new, he will be disappointed and leave. If visitors know that you have every Tuesday replenishment with new models, then visiting your store will be a habit for them. Your new delivery in this case will be guaranteed to be sold out. How often should I update my product collection? Answer: The more often, the better, preferably – weekly. Replenishment of new products can cause additional demand for the old collection of clothes. This is because because of the new models, the location of the old models is changing and the potential buyer looks like them in a "new light".

    Do not try to finish the season without a single residue

    Probably, every businessman understands, that it is impossible to return the money invested in repair of shop. It is also clear that in the case of closing the store or moving it to sell all the equipment will be only with a significant discount. But few people realize that it is also very difficult to return all their costs to the assortment. The composition and structure of the goods remains constantly changing, but their value increases from season to season. One part of the remnants will have to be written off, the other discount. However, it is possible to sell the whole collection of goods of the current season only at the price at times lower than its cost. Or there is only one way out – to give clothes for realization to anybody without any guarantees. Therefore, when planning a business it is strongly recommended to lay a part of the reserve to cover losses related to the devaluation of illiquid goods. Hence the rule: when the season comes to an end, the shops start to lower prices and stop the current purchases in order to finish the season with minimum balances. It is logical, without it it is necessary, but everything should be within reasonable limits. It is important to understand that excessive attempts to reduce trade surpluses can lead to a sharp and unjustifiable decrease in the store's turnover. Significant commodity balances do not always mean the failure of the season. Let's say you have finished the summer season with half of the rest of your exposition, then in February, when the sales of the winter collection begin to fall, visitors will gladly buy summer goods at a discount. This will support the store's turnover during the season period and partially solve the problem of commodity residues. So the commodity balances are not just a problem, their availability in sufficient volume is vitally necessary for each store to maintain stable trading throughout the year.

    Turn-based plan for opening a clothing store

    In order to open a clothing store, from the very beginning it is necessary to define the segment of your work. The main idea is that trying to implement an expensive product is not very reasonable, because the costs of opening the store will be sky-high. The easiest way to start with selling a product is a relatively low price category, which may lead you to heads with your competitors, but it will reduce your risk.

    Then you need to define the concept of your institution, which is connected with the personal research of the market of the estimated products in your city. In addition, you need to determine the age and social status of your potential buyers.

    If you do not want to do it, there is an option to become a franchise-partner of the already known brand. You will have to buy a franchise, but in this case you no longer need to develop a concept, and most importantly, you will find support.

    How much can you earn

    This question is difficult to answer because of the influence of many factors. These include:

    • Rent of premises;
    • Price category of your goods;
    • Cooperation with other brands, or its absence.

    The answer banal and quite obvious: the profit depends on the initial deposit, because everything is only in your hands.

    How much money you need to open a clothing store

    The issue is as vague as it is about earning. If you work independently, it depends only on you:

    • The main thing is to consider renting a room;
    • Then it should be set;
    • The cost of the product itself and the payment of various taxes. From the very beginning the product may not recoup itself, which should also be taken into account, and it is better to accept the basic rule.

    In the case of cooperation with brands, each of which provides a turn-based business program, the purchase of which is usually at least 100000 rubles. The best business programs are offered at higher prices, because both the profit and the costs depend on the advertising, the value of the goods and the investment in renting the premises.

    What equipment to choose for clothing store

    Whatever the size of your budget, the store is the main thing with taste. In cooperation with famous brands, everything is simpler, because you can design a store in the image and likeness of the already finished version. But otherwise, thanks to the assessment of your potential customers, you can easily deduce which interior suits you best. In addition, the security of the Trade hall from theft of goods is important, and ideally at the exit and it is necessary to install an anti-theft system.

    What okved to indicate when registering a clothing store

    Most suitable 41.51 or 47.19. The main code is only one, but the choice of options depends on the direction of your goods.

    What documents are needed to open

    The list of all necessary.

    • Registration of legal entity.
    • Register fixation.
    • Conclusions of both Rospotrebnadzor and Gospozharnadzora.
    • Copies of documents: Bin, tin, extracts from the register.
    • Cover letter.
    • Contract for rent of premises and garbage disposal.
    • Documents certifying ownership of the premises.
    • Conclusions of both Rospotrebnadzor and Gospozharnadzora regarding the premises.
    • Advertising permission located outside the premises.

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