Cosmetics shop, wholesale or retail?

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Cosmetics shop, wholesale or retail?Of course, cosmetics exist in the life of every modern woman, and not just women. Whether it is decorative cosmetics, medical, SPA-remedies, perfumes, etc. Therefore, the sale of cosmetics occupies a worthy place when choosing a business from a series of different ideas. But what kind of sale is better to apply: wholesale or retail? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In order to organize the sale of cosmetics you need to find a supplier who will sell you the goods at a low price, in turn you will make a surcharge on it and get your profit. In our time the supplier is easy enough to find. In the Internet search engine beat the phrase "supplier of cosmetics wholesale" and you will be presented a number of different companies. You will be required to contact at least ten first and compare their products and suggested prices. Choose the most suitable conditions and conclude a contract with them.

If you sell the goods in retail, you can make a "good" markup on the products. That's a plus. But the downside is that you have to pay rent (and in a passable place it is usually high), purchase exhibition equipment, hire staff, pay salaries to employees. In this regard, the wholesale sale is much simpler. It will only require a warehouse space (usually it is much cheaper than the first case). Despite the fact that the markup for the wholesale will be on the goods small, the profit you will receive through the sale of products in large quantities. The payback period in this case is higher. Now quite a large number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of cosmetics, as long as there is a woman, she will always buy the means of beauty. The main thing is to inform sellers that you are engaged in wholesale sale, and your client will not wait. By offering them to buy products at a low price, by making discounts, you will provide yourself with regular customers who provide you with the right sales turnover.

But large wholesale wise to engage in large cities, megacities. And if you live in a small city, it will be better to combine retail trade with small wholesale, in this case you will always find "your" client.

We have sorted out the most basic nuances of wholesale and retail sale of cosmetics, and that to choose to decide already to you. Good luck!

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