The best area for startups

The best area for startups

Search for new original ideas for startups are concerned with many entrepreneurs. Perhaps our article will help you to choose the industry in which you will have a better chance to create unique solutions. It's the only way it seems that all the seats are already occupied. In fact, a good interesting startup always use.

The energy sphere

Energy remains, and probably will remain for a long time one of the most attractive industries for starting new projects. From energy prices directly affects the standard of living in the country. The cheaper sources of energy, the better people live. The main idea is to create a generic inexpensive source of energy.

A huge range of available toolkits. Here you and solar panels and wind installations, biodiesel and even geothermal energy production methods. Choose any industry and try.

The creation of artificial intelligence

One of the most important challenges humanity is to create S. This direction involves not a lot of startups, mostly research lead institutions. Well, the nicer will invent something useful in this area.


Along with the creation of artificial intelligence is increasingly evolving manufacturing robots. And it is not just about smart vacuum cleaners. Engineers are working on the creation of humanoid robots capable of performing team. Cars of the future will be able to travel without human intervention, and going shopping in the store, you definitely will take a robot to carry luggage.

Development of biotechnologies

Another industry that will continue to grow rapidly, remain biotechnology. Their possible use is extremely high. Starting from searching for recipes of eternal youth and ending with the postponement of the human memory in your computer and cloning.

You can come for any, even the most difficult achievable objectives. The result without excessive pathos may forever change the world. For example, to create a cure for all diseases.


However, the medication is engaged in pharmaceutical industry. And not just medicines. Health care is a worthy option for generating new ideas. Profits on successful start-up may be huge, because people want to be healthy. Early diagnosis of diseases, their effective treatment, the creation of medicines, new devices and techniques-field for activities truly has no boundaries.

Nutrition and clean water

The more people live on the planet, the sharper become questions related to all food and drinking water. You can work in that direction almost indefinitely. Besides, the reward for work can become, including moral satisfaction. Always nice to know that your invention has saved someone from hunger.


Education should be accessible to any inhabitant of the Earth. A huge role in this task will play online and data options. The more educated people are, the speedier progress. At present, humanity clearly uses its potential is not enough.


The Internet, the latest 20 years devoted to, probably more startups than any other industry. This is not surprising, as the network develops, is becoming increasingly global and provides new services and possibilities. There is room for improvement-storage, data transfer, development of new technologies.

Augmented reality tools

Undeservedly forgotten by time, augmented reality back. Growth in computing power makes it possible to simulate virtual reality with early unattainable certainty. In addition to computer games, augmented reality devices useful in medicine, industry and design.

The transport industry

Humanity lives in a fast paced world, so quick, cheap and safe movement are beginning to play an increasingly important role. How to reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs and increase the speed of the moving-on these issues operate entire institutions. Possibly useful and your startup.


One of the interesting programming tasks is to create a language that would be able to program the normal users. It should be simple and at the same time functional and its study over time, sure to go down in a high school program.