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There is a perception that, to begin with, his case must be much less than in real life. Stunning popularity enjoyed by social networking, gives reason to think that such projects can be run with very modest capital. How much is it actually, we try to describe in this article. To predict the success of the Internet project is almost impossible. As recently as a few years ago in Runet today of the famous social networks were only and, and except for online dating sites, then this thing and limited.

Megapopuljarnye today "Classmates" and "Vkontakte" gained popularity almost instantly, and it keeps growing every day. Social networks are popular not only in the CIS. The West too long and firmly hooked on them. There they presented such services as Classmates, Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster. Over the years, and their popularity is only growing, constantly replenishing purses owners.

The original idea is a guarantee of success

At the heart of any successful project is, of course, the idea. At a time when the Russian branch network only began to develop, the success could win almost any original project-there was virtually no competition, and the cost is disproportionately lower than today.

Maxim Alexandrov, a specialist in social networks says that the same "LiveInternet» launched in due time on insignificant amounts. Such then was the time, "he says. You can afford to adopt Western analogues. Today this has already failed-need to create something of their own, from scratch.

This segment of the market quickly filled, and it is already becoming crowded. Sociologists argue that half of the projects of this kind, which starts today, will fail. And twenty percent are visited only a narrow range of users. This fact suggestive-and how many more uzhivetsja sotsialok together in Runet?

An employee of the consulting agency "social networking" Denis Terekhov is convinced that "the Russian segment of the World Wide Web is capable of more than one hundred such projects. Establishment of a social network with a serious approach involves several steps. The first is, of course, research the market and target audience. Once the information is collected and processed, you can begin to conceptualize.

Then there is the purchase of equipment necessary power. At this point, you should already be aware of how much space is needed to store the data, what is the amount of memory needed for the reserve, which will require servers. In parallel, work well under way on the site-"faces" of the project.

Naturally, once the project is launched, it will need to support and promote, and expenses for its maintenance and promotion will grow in parallel with the growing number of users. The cost of major social work per year may amount to millions of dollars. With regard to income. According to Nana Kulikova, press attach? "Classmates", social networking with instant profit does not exist. The more-or-less serious conclusions can be done not earlier than one year of the project.

Business costs used a Lamborgini

We can safely say that the days of projects made by "fly-by-night". And today, for the sure start network business in any case would require considerable resources. Denis Terekhov said:-you can from the start to invest large sums in "iron", that is, the server, and you can develop gradually, blowing in the case received profit.

The first approach, in my opinion, more reliable, as in the case of a large influx of new users, the system will not fail. Experts calculated the minimum budget required to run social networks-about 150 thousand $. About as much as would be required to purchase servers, website creation, pay programmers, and support for the first time.

The larger the network, the more it likely to become successful

When this concept should be very clear. For example, a project launched in Classmates United States purports to find all who studied together in schools, universities, colleges, etc. Of course, sooner or later, any user of this service still finds everyone was looking for. But by the time he gains new friends come in several communities, and hardly "jumped off" social "needle".

Channels revenue sotsialok

When the project is created, the time comes for its promotion. "The ad campaign you can spend as much money as you do not mind," says Denis Terekhov. If to take into account the cost of banner advertising, the amount would be roughly equal to the cost of the project is 100-150 000 $.

Many projects use "neinternetovskie" advertising-print, radio, television, etc. The justification of such an approach, according to experts, it is highly questionable. Most often the events develop along a normal scenario explains Anton Spout-the first time the number of system users grows exponentially principle means that you hit the top ten. Further mass of users becomes critical.

And yet, the project usually pay attention to large investors. This is very handy, because at this point the creators need to expand business. They have two options-to sell a project and make a profit, or in the case of an investor, while maintaining control over the project. Big companies buy social network not so much for their own sake, but rather for gaining control over the expanse of Runet. Denis Terekhov asserts, most big investors have already understood that social networking is a very important strategic direction to be taken.

You can earn not only on selling untwisted sotsialok

Good earnings promises to advertising within the network, a variety of paid services. Calculate in advance the profitability of the project is nearly impossible. Any long-term forecast here is inappropriate.

Profit from advertising is also very difficult to quantify, because most advertising agencies are die-hard conservatives, and prefer as advertising sites search engines and email resources. However, nothing prevents make assumptions about the extent of social networks.

According to the official data of the American company eMarketer, spending on advertising in social networks of America exceeded 900 million dollars and is projected to increase by 2011 to several billion. Of course, no one on the territory of the CIS until such amounts and does not dream, but there is every reason to believe that social networks will grow, not less rapidly than in the West.

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