How to invest in gold and is it worth it to do

Although the crisis is gradually losing momentum, but the securities market until, alas, not the most attractive tool for investing. Against the backdrop of the crisis in the world, precious metals are the best option for investing money.

Most analysts predict the attractiveness of such investment in the current year. That precious metals are rising in price, due to the depreciation of the U.S. currency, and rising oil prices. The unstable u.s. economy also played a role, and became the main reason for the falling stock market.

For this reason, many investors prefer to look for more promising investments. And this fact also has a positive impact on the growth of prices of precious metals. On the basis of the current situation on the stock market, waiting for some serious profit from it soon. And for this reason most investors from all over the world prefer so far to deal with precious metals. What are the tools and techniques to invest in precious metals? Thereof there are several:

  1. JMS-impersonal metal accounts.
  2. Buying coins made of precious metals.
  3. Purchase ingots of precious metal.

Let's look at each of them separately. So, the opening of depersonalized metal account. JMS is a bank deposit, which is designed to hold Gold (Palladium, silver, Platinum). When you open a bank account, you make such an amount equal to the market value of the metal at the moment.

The metal you are "hands on" in this case, you don't get. According to experts, CBOs last year showed the real yield at 14%. This is due to the constantly rising cost of precious metals. In rubles is approximately 27%.

This kind of deposits can be divided into two types of fixed-term and open-ended. The main difference is that on deposit earns interest. But in this case you cannot replenish your account and cash it during the whole deposit period.

Deposit can be cashed at any time, but its profitability is limited to increases in the prices of precious metals. The indisputable advantage of this method is its simplicity and lack of verification on authenticity. It also reduces the cost, because this check is carried out at the expense of the client. However, VAT, in case of closure of the account, you will have to still pay. Buying gold coins — not a bad way to invest. But you need to take into account their quality and value. There are several types of coins:

  • Normal, non-tender;
  • Coins that have not previously been used in circulation;
  • Coins with high quality coinage.

In terms of investment, the most interesting are the coins, not formerly in treatment as a means of payment. They, too, are not subject to VAT. Collector coins are of considerable interest because they are getting more expensive over time. If this is true, consider the long term still deposits. Buying gold bullion is one of the most common methods of investing in precious metals. Large ingots usually buy jewelers, who use them as production material.

Ingots are small in size and weight is 10, 20 30 grams, are often used as a gift. Minus investment this way-need to pay VAT, and examination of the authenticity of the metal. There is also a risk of being corny robbed, if you choose a storage location for saving your home.

Summing up all aforesaid-if we take into account the optimistic projections of specialists, it is to be expected in the current year cost of precious metals. And argue that this method of investing is currently one of the Sami, stable and profitable.

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