How to become an expert in any field of activity

Expert is a superspecialist in a certain area, able to take adequate decisions. In other words professional. Man, perfectly knowing the business. Become an expert is wonderful, promising goal. Someone might say: the path is long and tiring for sure, no wonder that psychologists conventionally pitched it on 9 stages. This: not so long to renounce the objective, all the more so because these stages are not necessarily stretch for decades.

1. Determine their interests

Psychologists believe that you can become an expert in any field, be it art, science or sports. All people who have reached unprecedented success in its business, it has not understood anything. The only thing I can say for sure — they chose what caused their interest.

So if you put the ambitious goals, the first step is to determine which activities you're prone. What you like, what would you want to do. This is the basis, because the path to overcome the high skill you can only if you are interested. It is interest will serve as a powerful motivator for learning.

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But remember one interesting thing: as mentioned above, the path to the heights of excellence, namely there is seeking people who decided to become an expert, is quite long. Psychologists call a digit: 10 years. That is how much time, and no less, is required in order to become a professional. Scientists have tracked the formation of many outstanding experts in their field — from composers to players, and came to the conclusion that the first serious success came to him through 10 years of painstaking study and hard work.

2. Enjoy self-education

To become an expert in an exciting for you business, you need to know a lot. So now you can read books on the topic that interests you, visit courses and trainings. Collect the information. And at some point you feel you need system education.

3. Get education

Therefore, the third phase will take you to the student's desk. Here you will extend and deepen independently obtained knowledge. Begin to turn from an amateur in a real professional. Become competent.

In the past, development in the chosen direction you have enough textbooks. Now, in order to transcend to a higher level, teachers are needed, their invaluable experience. Without a system of education to become an expert in your field. Besides the need to attend lectures and seminars and participate in debates and conferences, write papers, take tests and exams — all of this discipline. And from the reviews and ratings.

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On the necessity of an experienced mentor talk and research. So, it was determined that in order to achieve the skill requires two conditions, and they are equally important. The first is a permanent exercise (it's about music, sports, dancing, chess), i.e., honing the skills of (teaching), and the second is the leadership of an experienced teacher. In high school, you get both.

It is curious that such a factor as ability, talent, turns out to be far from the top positions. Although without it too. As it turns out, the longer a person is busy learning at your favorite case, and under the supervision of a knowledgeable specialist, the faster it will succeed.

4. Pass the test

And that's with an accumulated wealth of knowledge you will find yourself in the labour market. Even if you're lucky, and you will quickly find work be not under a delusion that all tough behind. On the contrary, all difficult only begins. You have to survive is perhaps the most difficult period is to prove to the management, colleagues and especially their professional competency.

Sometimes you will feel that you know is negligible, although in reality it is not. Sometimes you'll feel almost an imposter, vtershimsja in confidence to the people. Come and experience will clearly fail. Oh well, will acquire it. Your motivation is still on top. You develop practical skills and understand …

5. Improve skills

… what you need to learn all the time. You don't stop working on ourselves. The only way you achieve competitiveness in the labour market, prove that better than others and pretend to the title of expert.

Short clarification

By the way, experts from other distinguished not only great knowledge and professional skills, but also a special memory organization. In his brain information is stored in a database. As you know, memory happens to be short-term and long-term. These types of memory differently treated and stored externally generated data. In short-term memory usually examines the problem and decide. The amount of stored information is limited, but always at hand. While long-term memory database is quite extensive, but access to it is difficult.

So, studies have shown that as a result of years of occupation expert appears ability to use long-term memory. That is, they not only expand the amount of knowledge, but also get quick access to them.

6. Prove that you are the best

At this stage, prove that you are better than many of your opponents. Be confident in yourself and don't be afraid to take responsibility. You have enough knowledge and skills to lead, for example, the organizational unit (OU).

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So, as we found out, the expert has a special memory organization. With easy access to the database it is lightning fast moves from consideration of the problem to its solution. This behavior differs, for example, good doctors. Having received the necessary information about the patient, they immediately diagnosed. Outstanding chess players know how to play on multiple message boards simultaneously. Talented financiers fairly cursory acquaintance with the report to understand the State of the enterprise.

7. Do not rest on our laurels

When you proved that much you on the shoulder and received an adequate assessment management and colleagues, there may come a time when you believe in your own excellence. You went around opponents, your authority works for you, and worthily rewarded … So can last several years. You'll lose fighting qualities, and for good reason because …

8. Compete

… again you will have to prove that you are the best. After all, necessarily someone appears on the horizon who can challenge your superiority. And then you realize that you know and know not all. Again feel the taste for competition, and that correspond to the specified level with a new force will begin to improve their knowledge and skills.

9. Get to know all the impossible

If you get to this stage, you are a real expert. You've worked hard, achieved adequately evaluate yourself and stand ready to continue to improve in the Favorites.

Short clarification

According to studies, the expert cannot know which technique he enjoys solving a particular problem. Because the nature of his knowledge is subconscious. The doctor could not explain how he diagnoses, chess-like selects the next move, the composer is like composing a melody. It is intuitive. Truly experts — a unique personality.

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