How to create high-quality and effective Visual advertising

Company profile: production of advertising constructions. Specialization: complex exterior and Interior advertising design chain stores, shopping malls, sports facilities, large-format printing. Clients: "Rive Gauche" Snezhnaya Koroleva», «azbuka vkusa», «Yes!», «Riga Mall "," Handicap Bank "," Carousel "," 36.6 "pharmacies.

-how and when company was founded?

The PKK "Infinity" as an independent company was founded in the year 2007. We started the production of outdoor and Interior advertising, conducting installation works completely independently. Originally started to use the most advanced led technologies at that time. While such technologies has not even been present on the market. We have already had experience of using them, which served as the basis for the creation of a separate company. We decided that taking a niche production of energy-efficient led advertising, we can become your unique company on the market. Was collected by an experienced high-performance team, capable of qualitatively to solve these problems.

— What equipment you used at the beginning of its activities, and what now?

At the time of creation of the company our park equipment was, of course, is much more modest than it is now. It included machines for plotter cutting, bending, welding equipment, model shop. In General, the emphasis was not on broad technological equipment, and on the intricacies of manufacturing cutting-edge led products at that time. Solutions in this area in the Russian market at that time did not exist, and the imported products had a low quality, so we decided to produce this product yourself.

We can create various elements of such constructions: modules, rulers, tape, etc. At the moment we have greatly expanded their production capacity and can produce any type of advertising constructions. An extensive Park of modern equipment and large technological area allow us to work on large and even ambitious projects. To achieve short delivery dates, combined with high quality, which, of course, is the basis of success and relevance in the market of manufacture of advertising constructions.

How to create high-quality and effective Visual advertising

-How to change the approach customers to means and methods for the Visual design over the past ten years?

In our opinion, the approach customers over the past 10 years has changed twice. At the beginning of our work customer actively interested in the new trends in advertising, and at that point in such a direction of steel led technology. The client wanted quality and with full understanding of concerned to ensure that such technologies are not cheap, was willing to pay big money for it. The second turning point in changing the approach occurred when customer data has been satiated by innovations and wanted to get the same quality, but at a significantly lower price. This period also ended two years ago. But during this time the client realized that chasing cheaper solutions will suffer quality, it simply could not meet the expectations.

Signboard at best worked during the warranty period. And post warranty maintenance required large investments and finance. In most cases, the customer is not even imagined such a development of events in the initial choice of the contractor and cost estimation. Visible savings eventually went to no. At the moment, the trend has changed, again clients are tired of poor quality products and expensive post warranty service and require guarantees not to the standard 12 months and two years, three, and five. Accordingly, to ensure that these terms under the contract, the contractor could not afford to cut production, it must use the advanced and high-quality technology.

How to create high-quality and effective Visual advertising

— What challenges most often faced when doing work?

The main difficulty arose during the negotiation phase of the order directly with the customer and discuss all the nuances. Often the client not quite exactly imagine order format, do not always take into account the different parts, and it can take time to explain and clarify all possible subtleties. Especially if we are talking about quite a large order. When all the details discussed, when compiled precise technical specifications, technological production process becomes clear. In this process, we focus primarily on the most modern and popular technology, and during the negotiation phase offer the customer exactly such decisions, if necessary, explaining the essence of their work, benefits, and labeling the end result.

what modern techniques and technologies used for the execution of works on objects?

Modern methods are to automate the entire production cycle and use high-tech equipment. Handmade enjoys everything less demand. The basic process is now working machine tools and machines: milling cutting, laser cutting, laser welding and other methods of quick and high-quality material processing. The most important thing is to tight deadlines and high quality. Outdated equipment, hand assembled in the absence of the necessary equipment, not smoothly running production cycle, are not able to solve these problems.

How to create high-quality and effective Visual advertising

-If we talk about the technologies of production of advertising constructions, which of them you believe is actively growing demand?

Indeed, demand changes over time and quite active. Technologies used 10 years ago. Now are facing serious quality materials and to the quality of the works themselves. Many customers are now willing to pay more (within reasonable limits, of course) for high reliability and impeccable appearance of their advertising structures. Interest in cheap and not different special quality production quickly disappears.

Major adjustments have also made recent legislative rules governing the standards of advertising signboards. Demand for the construction of these norms is certainly very great. This primarily concerns the dimensions of the structures themselves. If earlier the most considered his especially large designs, now clearly the trend is to reduce the size. If earlier in most of these were light and not light boxes, banners, now come to the fore various three-dimensional elements: letters, usually not more than 500 mm, do not have watermarks, and other "utjazheljajushhih" sign details.

Volumetric elements themselves over the past 10 years there have been no significant changes in terms of production, the only thing to note-price reduction on such constructions due to cheaper production costs, in particular, led. Increased demand for metal letters. Although plastic and acrylic are still widely used in the manufacture of bulk items.

In the last year or two, we see that customers were filled with cheap and inferior product. The client becomes the uninteresting work, offering extremely low prices, contractors who do not have proper equipment behind, shops, squares, resources and, consequently, are unable to perform, the more high quality, complex, time consuming and non-standard tasks. On the contrary, the customer now wants to use the services of high-tech companies. Especially considering that because of the crisis, these companies have moderated their appetites in the sphere of price policy. Thus, in the current period, we see a balance between the demand for quality and its cost. I think that this trend will continue in the near future.

— you, as leader, certainly has its own secrets of building a successful company. Could you share them?

The secrets of building a successful company are quite simple: it is an individual approach to each client, loyalty, flexible working conditions, payment systems, and the impeccable quality of performed works at all stages of production. Starting from an incoming call and ending with the erection and the signing of the Act of acceptance/deposit work. If all these conditions are met-success is guaranteed.

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