How to do business on mobile applications

We live in a very interesting time. Came the innovation age. The world is rapidly evolving, constantly emerging new technologies and devices. Undergoing a revolution in science and technology.

And for entrepreneurs, the situation now is simply unique. Never before has there been such to anyone with Internet access and virtually no special attachments could go global with your business! One such example is the business on mobile applications.

But what exactly is a mobile application?

The mobile application is a version of the Internet site for the mobile phone, this special program. And it has a number of advantages.

  • Firstly, now almost all have smartphones and tablets. Or soon will be.
  • Secondly, with these devices surf the Internet more frequently than from stationary computers, because they are always at hand.
  • Thirdly, it is much more convenient.
  • Fourthly, it eats less traffic. That is, it is cheaper and more profitable.

And even a whole series of additional features! For example. The ability to push notifications to send messages to clients that is on planned promotions, coupon programs, upcoming events at the touch of a button..

  • Direct calls-customers no longer need to memorize your number or search for it all over the Internet.
  • Geolocation-customers can locate and communicate with any company from anywhere in the world by GPS.
  • Integration with all popular services and social networks.
  • This viral advertising.
  • And the interesting thing is the comfortable shopping by phone.

And many-many other useful properties. Any adequate entrepreneur immediately realizes that for mobile applications and future without them anywhere. This means that you will not release from clients.

Easy start

To start such a business does not need to be a programmer. You do not need to be somewhere long studies and practice. There are special websites-designers, which will consider even a schoolboy. Also, you can always count on the help of experienced specialists. Actually don't need starting capital, both in the traditional business. No need to purchase goods, rent an Office, hire workers, etc. d. You can run your business yourself.


The market is huge, and the proposals dramatically low. See for yourself: 67% of Web professionals at the moment no adapted their websites to mobile devices. 28% have a mobile version of the site, and only 5% have mobile apps. And specialists in mobile applications. Even if your city already have someone who engaged, he physically could not meet the demand of the market. So you have no real competitors, and they will not be for a very long time.

That valuable do you suggest?

First of all, creating mobile applications for various companies, you will be able to increase their income. Because you give their customers the ability to easily and conveniently contact us by topic, specify the address at which the company will be easy to find, learn about regular promotions, interesting events and latest news.

Average cheque amount online ordering up to 25% more than the amount of the order, made in the traditional way. Mobile users tend to make purchases more often than ordinary buyers. Mobile coupons are used 10 times faster than paper. And 70% of potential buyers commit call company found through a search on the mobile device, but almost half the calls to competitors if the site is inconvenient for viewing.

What else is important, you can promote any business through mobile applications. Make business better known, untwist it. Thereby increasing and revenues, and its.

Using mobile applications people easily recommend your friends an interesting service. Note-customers themselves will advertise a company if they like by simply clicking on the "Like" button. No obsessions and spam! Providing an opportunity to share information about the company in various social networks, the company becomes popular and cited. As a result, new customers and new sales.

You increase customer loyalty to the company. Mobile applications, especially if they offer interesting coupon programs, always pleasant and zapominaemy for buyers. This means that clients will want to return to such a company, they will tend to make more purchases and recommend to friends.

Loyalty programs boost sales at 20% and higher! will help increase the competitiveness of the company's four. Push notifications have a very high percentage (90%) to otkryvaemosti and response (up to 30%). Nowadays clients expect closer communication with companies selling goods or providing services. Inviting clients to use a mobile application, you give the company value that other competitors do not yet represent. And it gives you a great added benefit!

Groups emanating from the mobile application for business will help increase the efficiency of the work of this company. Just giving the opportunity to place an order or make a service request via mobile phone. Decrease call times and telephone consultations for employees of companies optimized routine operations. You will be able to conduct analysis of the company more narrowly accurate.

Search for customers

A list of your potential customers is unusually wide. Virtually all enterprises, aimed at developing and having your site, just have to create your own mobile application. After all, the only one who survives is able to quickly adapt to the changing situation on the market soon.

It can be various shops, boutiques, beauty salons and spas, nightclubs, theme parks, art salons, recreation, insurance, rielterskie Agency, specialized clinics, psychologists, counselors and coaches, infobusiness and much, much more.

High profit and passive income

Your income will be from 30 to 100 thousand rubles from one application. Rarely any business can make such a profit right from the start! Moreover, please note that you will receive money immediately, you will not need to wait for shipping, for example, implementing it at the store, transfer money from accounts, etc. d.

Creating your customer base, you can earn on the provision of additional services-consulting, development of advertising companies, providing technical support and much more. Once creating a mobile application for business, then you continue to receive the subscription fee from your customers for the use of technology PUSH notifications on the liabilities side.


According to statistics, sales of smartphones and tablets in Russia in 2014 year rose 61.3% compared to last year. And these numbers are growing all the time.

In fact, mobile is extremely rapidly and is already overtaking personal computers in many ways. Soon smartphones and tablets will be in every home, and it means that this kind of entrepreneurship has the crazy prospects.

In short, mobile technology is indeed a powerful marketing tool that provides a rich variety of opportunities for growth and development for small and medium-sized businesses.

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