How to build an online store

Currently, the rapidly developing virtual trading, which are carried out through the world virtual network and online stores that have begun to appear not so long ago.

While this direction opens before enterprising Russians unique opportunities to create their own business, and extract maximum profit from this.

Many known such a person like Jeff Bezos, considered the founder of the biggest worldwide online store, hosted on the website In his memoirs he wrote that if each time put in on chetvertaku, when investors have requested 300 thousand. dollars are needed to create the Amazon, the first million he earned would be much faster.

Select product for osCommerce

In spite of such huge popularity of virtual marketplaces that sell in the online store you can by no means all. It is considered the most cost-effective implementation of computer technology, different literature and videotapes are also very popular baby toys, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as mobile telephones, tea and coffee making facilities.

By the way, if you decide to sell mobile phones at an online store, then you don't even have to adapt the title of the goods for the Russian-speaking audience, because Nokia 6310 not only looks, but also sound the same in many languages of the world.

Almost all the experts and analysts in this area do not sell through a virtual network of food, since current Internet stores carry strong material losses.

The point is that programmers have not yet come up with a new interface that would allow a person to make purchases with the same speed as takes the necessary decisions our brains, so time for a virtual visit to the shop like this takes too much time.

The procedure for organizing online store

Opening an online store is not possible without reliable access to worldwide virtual network, as well as direct location for specialized site. The registration takes no more than 10 minutes and will cost only $20 that observed at

Monthly hosting will be in 15-20 dollars, which should be transferred to the account of the server owner. Another purchase of should be buying program that will maintain an online store to accept online applications.

By the way, analogous to a standard hire e-shop ready where you have options in computer companies. For their development they request from 50 up to 150 dollars per month. When the entrepreneur will receive already made-up template design, full software, traffic, and consultation. When the designer asks for 100 dollars for styling forms.

No special documentation in order to run the site is not required. However, the online store equates to legal organization, which means that they are subject to all legislation and acts and therefore are equated with OOO, cs or IP, for which the owner must pay all applicable taxes.

Accordingly, you must register the LLC or IP depending on your goals and plans for the future. Search for providers of Internet-shop practically does not differ from traditional sources of trade, while the fore a personal connection, an agreement between businesses, as well as the analysis of the close market segments.

But procurement of goods is carried out on another schema, because the product will be picked up from the warehouse of the supplier upon receipt of orders at him. It is convenient that you don't need to rent a room for a single store, but at the same time, the need to conclude a cooperation agreement with several suppliers, because otherwise the submitted assortment will be scarce.

Thus, we have concluded that to create an online store needs to have good investment opportunities, because otherwise you will not be able to create a decent stock of marketable products. While there are those who are trying to start their business with a minimum amount, that really limits the opportunities for their development.

The only way to develop is a prepayment of the ordered goods, which these funds bought from wholesale suppliers, after which it will send to the customer's House online store, and the difference in cost of the entrepreneur leaves yourself.

The imperfection of the online store and need for couriers

One of the main problems of owners of Internet shops is the possibility of delivery to the address of the customer, in fact, find a really good staff of courier service is not so simple.

After all, no one will be able to vouch for the recruited person who will safely and securely deliver the goods at the specified address, bring to the Office Online store the money paid by the buyer, as well as perform all necessary transportation promptly and just in time.

If an employee takes very seriously the trusted him and is a role model for other workers guide tries to encourage it and create the most favorable conditions for further cooperation. Small firms at first try to deliver the goods yourself, or call on the help of his relatives. But over time, they can create their own service or use to send long-distance cargo capabilities of specialized companies.

Advertising online store

Today there are plenty of ways to unwind so-called online store, but they are far from equal. For example, some businessmen think that very effective stretching-slogan on one of the main streets in Moscow, others used to grow your business online advertising. However, there are people who use to attract customers, mailing circulars in mailboxes, but such a method is considered very doubtful and unable to effectively increase sales.

It is worth noting that the leader among all these varieties is to promote personal virtual resource in various search engines used by Russians to purchase specific products.

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