As Reid Hoffman created a business social network LinkedIn

As Reid Hoffman created a business social network LinkedIn

Every minute social network LinkedIn is becoming richer by one user. This resource was founded Reid Hoffman with money he received from the sale of Pay Pal. Today the social network LinkedIn has more than 40 million users in more than 200 countries around the world.

According to Hoffmann, it is only the beginning. Its goal is a quarter of the world's population. LinkedIn became profitable with the 2006 year. Until that time, the service has managed to attract more than 100 million dollars of investment, and not so long ago, Hoffman managed to lure Google Nishara Diphanda, who now works as Vice President of LinkedIn. That's what tells the owner of one of the world's largest social networking on their path to success.

I grew up in Berkeley, but I was sent to school in Putney School, which is located in Vermont. It was a good place, there could be plenty breathe forest air, build stone walls, skiing.

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At Stanford, I was engaged in symbolic systems which mixed artificial intelligence and cognitive science. It helped me understand how structured human thoughts, how we communicate, etc. I managed to get a scholarship at Oxford University, and I got a chance to study philosophy.

But after some time understanding has come to me that I did not want to be a scientist. I asked then to venture companies, and said that I wanted to create my own company.

At the time I worked on a couple of interesting ideas. Their answer was unequivocal-they told me that I must first work on foreign products, and only then can refer to them again. So I got a job at Apple in 1993 year. Later I moved on to work at Fujitsu. I constantly asked myself-how much do I need to work in foreign companies to be able to create their own?

And I made a plan to gain experience in designing, project management, team work, etc. I wanted to not miss anything important, nothing that I really need.

My first project was called Socialnet. The idea was that you can continually communicate with people who have shared with you interests and hobbies, such as golf or hockey.

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It is possible they will be with you in the neighborhood, but you won't know unless you use my service. After some time I realized that in order to achieve its objective, should I just start, that's all. In 1997 year I resigned from Fujitsu, and started the search for investors, and by the fall I found them together with people with whom we work on a project. The whole point is to get people to say "this is unreal and crazy idea.

At all times, facing ideas first called crazy. It gives you a time-1-3 a year before people will realize the benefit, and you will have competitors.

99 in November, I informed PayPal founder Peter Til that want to leave Socialnet and start a new project. In response, he suggested that rather than start from scratch, and join him. And I came to PayPal the next day. In the company I worked for external relations specialist-banking, international, responsible for corporate development.

For this I love entrepreneurial activity-new challenges, new challenges for you as a specialist force you to quickly learn and assimilate new information. You have to constantly think about yourself and your business as a single body, which is struggling for survival.

The modern world is evolving at breakneck speed, and you have to move in the same pace. This rule can be applied even for the restaurant business. When PayPal was sold to eBay, some of my friends decided to follow me in my new project. It was in the year 2002, then venture company felt Internet dead for any sort of commercial undertakings.

To get started on a project I had money. I gathered a group of people that previously worked, and we started to work in November 2002. To date we have multi-million audience, which is constantly growing.

In the first half of 2008 year we topped staff for some projects and therefore to balance the Organization had to go on a 9% reduction in staff. I never liked to manage big company. Since Diphand came to us, I had the opportunity to break free from everyday routine. Now I can see better company as from outside, which gives the opportunity to better understand its needs. Many people do not understand the benefits of using LinkedIn. Employers actively use my system to recruit new employees even during the crisis.

Another useful property of social networks-you have the opportunity to communicate with different people to exchange information, there is always an opportunity to learn something new, and something to learn.

Автор: Максим Миллер
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