How to promote a website with a small budget

Small business often abandons search promotion as an unaffordable luxury. The Manager of the company Doolin Valeria explains what you can save, and how to promote a website with a small budget.

After you create your company's website any owner starts to think of ways to attract visitors and increase profits. Search engine optimization provides an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of the site and to improve the level of sales or visits. A large part of the business has moved into the online realm and the competition is great. Without SEO is difficult to do. But, often, small business owners think it's too expensive and service disclaim ideas search engine promotion.

Very vain! In fact SEO is not such a complex science and does not require a huge investment. If it is not possible to hire a Web master copywriter, SEO-optimizer, etc., most of the work can be performed using automated tools. The Internet provides all the necessary information and special programs for search engine optimization. However, they are scattered in different portals. Somewhere convenient to check site positions in search results where the uniqueness of the text, the occurrence of key queries, the quality of the links.

Of course, all without costs is indispensable, but optimize your website with a small budget for promotion. There are several basic steps: making search engine optimization the semantic core, internal and external optimization, promotion, social networks and monitoring of results. They are all related and very important to achieve the desired results. So what is saving?

Drawing up of a semantic kernel is the core of an optimized

If make mistakes here, then all further work could prove to be an entirely useless. It is important to understand exactly what requests the user can find your item. To build an effective promotion strategy, it is important to determine the frequency and competition queries. For the best promotion of low budget option is the promotion of low-and mid-range demands. First, it's cheaper, and secondly, LF-requests to attract your target audience and give a larger percentage of the conversion. For example, if you search for "vacuum cleaner" can search pictures and background information, and the hardware store. It means that the competition issue will be very high. And if you make the key more specific "buy cheap" or "vacuum cleaner Bosch 312, less competition and a visitor is more likely to become a buyer.

List of keys by yourself or entrust to a specialist?

There is no concrete answer. Independent selection of key queries can take quite a long time and requires some effort and concentration. Yes and have to learn a lot of useful material about this, in order not to make serious mistakes. But the most important thing after all. In any case, without the assistance of automated tools can't do at this stage, but they are not always free. The average cost of compiling semantic kernel experts is $40.

It is important to honestly evaluate their possibilities for completing that step. You do not need the costly and excessive savings could ruin all the work on the vine.

Internal optimization

This includes working with content, keyword distribution and navigation configuration. We can't save here. Search engines have increasingly severe requirements for the filling of the site. Legibility, originality and usefulness of some of the major factors in assessment. Top output not possible with bad, boring or copied texts. A special role is played by the inclusion in the text of the right keywords. You can write original texts, but this, like it or not, we need some talent. Yes and the filling process content is continuous, so will have to give this a very long time. That is why we seek a good copywriter and spend part of the budget to optimize content. The average price for 1000 characters is 200-300 USD. The minimum size for a good article to be placed on the page-6000 characters. Of course, if your site is commercial, then the text will be less. In any case, the content must be of high quality and unique.

In addition, an important point is the internal linking and navigation. With this, it is quite possible to handle on their own. The main thing to look at your site from the user and try to place links so that you can seamlessly find any interesting page or the information on the page. But we must approach this case very seriously, since paging through not only visitors, but also to search robots. Proper linking is the guarantee of fast indexing a whole site. So, if in doubt, it is best to consult a specialist. Price will depend on the amount of work: for small sites up to 500 pages about 4000 rub.

The reference mass

Quality content can help snarashhivaniem referential mass-the third stage of promotion. Sometimes the sites post articles from third-party resources, together with an indication of the source, which can become your project. Given that search engines are actively struggling with purchase links, getting natural links would only benefit. Buying links is the most expensive part of promotion. One high quality link must pay 300 rubles. And to produce a good effect on the average purchase on 2-3 links daily for a young site. In the future, this number is possible and necessary to increase the promotion of high-frequency queries.

Promotion LF-inquiries, the competition is not so high, and the top you can get without buying links. In General, it is worth attention and social characteristics is to use all the possibilities of promotion in SOC. networks. The more that social activity gives more points in the ranking. Twitter, Facebook, Google + provide the ability to post links to your website, gain popularity among users, attract new customers, increase conversion and be on the first page of the SERPs in a fairly short period of time. Maintaining a blog or social network group is also quite a laborious process. At the initial stage, you can do this yourself, but in the future, when sufficient funds are available, the better to convey the work of professionals. Price of promotion in social networks begins approximately 10 000 USD per month.

Another important aspect of SEO is a continuous monitoring and updating

Search engines are in constant development. New filters and algorithms changes ranking system, tightened requirements. You must be aware of all changes, monitor the behavioural and social characteristics, level of conversions and bounce. To facilitate this work, there are special statistical system offered by search engines absolutely free. Yandex metrics and Analytics help owners and optimizers to monitor the results of the work site, at the same time, they provide the same information to search engines. All work on promotion comes down to attract visitors and increase conversion. Monitoring features provides a clear understanding of the quality of the chosen strategy.

Generally speaking, knowledge in the field of search engine optimization will help each site owner. And in today's market conditions without promotion in the search engines do not. Having dealt in all stages and algorithms, you can highlight the most important and necessary actions to optimize the site, identify strengths and weaknesses, set specific objectives and develop a strategy for achieving them. And this will reduce the cost of SEO, at least initially.


Summing up, it may be noted that the small budget better directed to the internal website optimization. This is the most important and fundamental step. Quality content and design combined with a deliberate strategy to promote the surest way to save. In this case, money is definitely producing results. And then, of course, you should use a full range of SEO services to improve and strengthen their positions.

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