How to efficiently and effectively work from home

Working at home has many benefits. And thinking about the prospects of "home" work, we first of all draw attention to the pros.

It seems to us that it would be much more productive Office environment.

  • Because, first, we won't need to spend time on the road (which some "eats" a good portion of the time, so no matter what personal life time. And at the weekend you just sit at home, to finally go nowhere).
  • Secondly, working from home, you can save money: transportation, clothing and footwear, particularly if you work in an Office requires compliance with the dress code.
  • Thirdly, we will be their own masters and decide when to work and when not. And in the breaks will be able to deal with urgent household chores are not postponing their pigeonhole.
  • Fourthly, our children will prismotreny and, in the end, we will increasingly see.
  • Fifthly, we have a man in the time that we spend on collective conversations, chats, discussions, etc. It seems that we have a minute-you should look at your watch, and we'll see that at best half an hour no matter how it happened.

However, the euphoria of our hope that the work would be more productive at home, can quickly go up in smoke. And after some time we note that not vysypaemsja, do not have time, quarrel with home that we interfere, and begin to think about how good it was to work in the Office "from call to call" under the supervision of the Chief.

Besides work on oneself "implies that the" Wolf legs fed ": the size of our earnings will depend solely on how productive we are going to work. Also worth considering that, at the initial stage, until we will work at home, our earnings may leave much to be desired (larger).

Working from home, over time we can get bored, because before our eyes will be one and the same "picture" and the same people. We may want to discuss events or issues with friends instantly and live, rather than via email or Skype. In the end we can feel alone and neglected.

As not to be disappointed in "home" work due to its low productivity?

1. To organise themselves

This is probably the most difficult thing is to tune in to work and not be distracted by extraneous matter. A man must be in some way "foreman himself. In the Office with this easier-there is a head, which tracks workflow, and social networks where you can hang for a long time, blocked. The House we left to themselves, so often fall into prokrastinaciju. Simply put, volynim, hoping that the day long-even we will learn each other.

So, if we do not control themselves-with productivity "home" work will have to say goodbye. Especially at risk are those whose work is connected with the computer. Here lurks a trap in the form of various sites well just need to urgently take a peek. We go to a Internet-shop, eating, check mail-and suddenly notice that it took half a day and working attitude no matter how it happened. And you have to be extremely disciplined internally to be tempted.

So to not tempt yourself, you should not even open the Windows and tabs that are not associated with the work, and make it a rule to do it during off-hours. The truth is that this paragraph concerns not all. If a home business begins to deal with people, keen on the idea, it is the opposite situation: it needs to be force to tear off from work because he loses the sense of time and ready to work without interruption.

2. Create a working environment

If, at a time when we are working, except us, the apartment or House is someone else: children, wife or husband, parents-it is unlikely that such an atmosphere will contribute to our productivity. To us every now and then would request help, listen, play. The included tv will entice lie down on the sofa and watch interesting transfer, and smells coming from the kitchen, is a distraction for a snack or drink tea. It is clear that in such circumstances, the focus can be till evening.

To prevent this from happening, you need to equip a small though, but own a comfortable work area-with a comfortable Office Chair and the necessary technical facilities (fax, printer, etc.) on our workplace there should be nothing that could divert our thoughts in the "transcendental Dali».

And all home should know that despite the fact that we are home, we cannot be pestering secondary cases and conversation. In addition, the working environment and working clothes. Working from home, we often are too lazy to get out of the home dressing gown or pajamas and justify ourselves that, no clothing, save time for the job. Besides, nobody sees us, and personally to us conveniently and so.

However, in our subconscious home clothes associated with relaxation. Many of the familiar feeling that upon returning home from work we would mentally return to work issues, until pereodenemsja in homemade clothes. Of course, it is not necessary to fall over backwards and in the morning wearing a business suit and the shoes. But clothing, designed to work faster, will tune in to work.

3. Notify friends that during certain hours they must forget about our existence

Our friends and acquaintances did not refer to our "home" activities seriously. They think that once we sit home and over our head is not worth the head, we can be "exploiting": ask to perform urgent errand, with three at the other end of town, etc. After all, we do manage their time, and they are not. They don't realize that in spite of the fact that we have freedom of choice, we can't just take and throw their case!

Well, if we want to earn a reputation as a trouble-free man, then have to forget about their own productivity.

4. Make a work schedule

Lack of control many relaxes. It is very tempting to sleep longer in the morning, because there is no more fear of late for work, which stimulated not to lie too long in bed.

Of course, about the benefits of early rising said. Talking about it and saying: "early risers, that God gives", "Long sleep-with the duty to stand up," "Dawn wake-ruble does not get it", etc. There is another view: "no matter how ferociously, and important, what mood are you doing this".

In General, here are all individually: some people are more productive work early in the morning, others in the afternoon, and others-late in the evening or at night. One is enough to sleep, and another five hours and eight little. Therefore, each time to determine when it is most productive. And to avoid any force-majeur situations and frantic rush in work and in relation to their health, it is worthwhile to make a list of the cases that we need to "rotate" throughout the day, rather than endure the "for tomorrow".

5. Don't forget walks

Those who often works at home, neglect rest during the day, weekends and vacations. Such work "to wear" only reduces productivity and, over time, necessarily lead to a decline in the force. In addition, working from home, especially alone, easily "odichat". Meeting with friends, travel, walking, jogging in the allotted time for relaxation provide energy, fill with fresh thoughts and increase productivity.

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