How to understand human thoughts and feelings in the words of a person

Опубликовано: 14-12-2019г.

How to understand human thoughts and feelings in the words of a person

Each of us has ever got in a situation where for the opportunity to read the thoughts of the interlocutor is not sorry it would be and my Kingdom to give away. Unfortunately, we do not always correctly interpret a facial expression, eye, facial expressions. Meanwhile, there is even a special science-physiognomy, which explores how thoughts and feelings affect the appearance. Of course, this can be called science only conditionally — rather the teachings, but very, very curious. And we have something to learn in it.

Features of information transmission

That is not entirely antinauchna physiognomy, indirectly confirmed by modern scholars. So, in their view, telling someone information, only 7% of their passes with words, third through intonation and more than half — facial expressions, facial expressions, smile, look! As it turns out, to better understand the people, it is important to learn to read their thoughts.

An important skill

The ability to see the relationship between the human mind, and facial expressions, it is important not only for the employees of the secret service, but also for us, ordinary law-abiding citizens. Basic knowledge of physiognomy might come in handy in many situations. For example …

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  1. For men and women. When young people feel, the ability to read a person's thoughts can help you better understand your loved one does not invent anything superfluous, not to make a mountain out of a molehill, not worry over nothing. And family relations knowledge of physiognomy eliminate the wrong reactions to words and related complications.
  2. In a relationship with teenagers. Almost every family is experiencing difficulty in transition a son or daughter. Aged 13-14 years, when changing the psycho-physics of a growing child, when it starts to drift from their parents, not to let them into their inner world, contact is mutual understanding. Parents often complain that their son or daughter is lying, hiding something. Here is useful reading for a person, and thus know what is going on in the head of overgrown child.
  3. When communicating with a small child. If a kid just learning to talk, he cannot always explain what bothers him. But virtually every mom in this situation demonstrates the abilities a psychic is easy to guess and correctly interpret all of the feelings that affect children's face. I must admit that dads do to a much lesser extent.
  4. At work in communicating with superiors or subordinates. It is not customary to express emotions. About the hidden causes of those or other applications you may have guessed, watching the expression on his face for the employee.
  5. In business, communicating with partners. In this area be subtle psychologist simply necessary. During business negotiations, when discussing the projects, contracts the ability to feel the interlocutor is as important as the ability to think analytically and lightning fast calculate risks.
  6. And in many other situations in everyday life, whether it's communicating with the class teacher, student or child with the employee tax or with a lawyer, a leading divorce when you want a quick and accurate response.

Hard science

Correctly decipher the language of facial expressions is quite hard, especially at first.

Firstly, many interlocutors consciously try to prevent it. Monitoring the expression of his face did not show emotion. And as we had not tried to guess what this "nezamutnennoj surface, all in vain. If a person owns a well, it is unlikely that he would allow "puncture".

Secondly, it is not always possible to guess what caused varying emotions. For example, entering the Cabinet Chief on his call, you see that he is nahmuren and looks askance. A similar facial expression clearly reveals that he now feels not the best feeling. And you immediately take it personally: he displeased you, you could face a reprimand, and you begin to frantically to remember their own sins and hastily coming up with self-justification. Meanwhile, you may find that the gloomy mood of the head is not associated with you. It might shake some new shoes or a child again got the Deuce or the wife demanded a new fur coat, and he just thought about it and had not managed to eradicate from the face of the angry expression, because you too abruptly entered the room.

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Thirdly, in order to properly interpret emotions, you need to remember that the perception of reality affects a huge number of factors. Here and upbringing and education, and Wednesday, and occupation, and the sex of the person. It is known also, that women have read the feelings on the face is much easier than men.

So in order to master the techniques of physiognomy, you'll have to strongly. People watch. Ask questions and learn while doing reaction. Evaluate the manner of conversation. Noticing all the nuances that will help accurately guess the thoughts and feelings.

Read the human as a book

Read your eyes

We all remember the words classics that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Experienced person easily guessed by the eyes feeling. With the utmost ease women succeed them generally quite fleeting glance, to assess the State of mind of the men without a Squeak.

And yet, according to psychologists, the eyes don't lie. However, cleverly hide the truth you can learn how to detect a lie.

So, here are some tips how to interpret those or other eye movements.

  1. Wandering mind says the reluctance to go to convergence. If the interviewee from time to time catches your sight, it means that he wants to establish eye contact and configured constructively. Unblinking look at point-blank range, often a sign of aggression, desire to violate your personal space. However, if we are talking about the relationship between men and women, here, on the contrary, outdoor direct opinion means interest and desire to continue the acquaintance.
  2. If a person devotes to the right eye, which means he wants something to remember. If he looks to the left, and then up and begins to rub their eyes, they nose or forehead touches to the Chin or ears — he's clearly pulling time trying to somehow get out of the situation, come up with an excuse, in short, a lie. The same shows and frequent blinking. If the interviewee is looking at your nose, it is configured by a business-like manner. Opinion, aiming at the neck, say friends and acquaintances. If the same vis-?-vis slips look below, it could mean it is far from a platonic interest in you.
  3. Dilated pupils taken to interpret as a sign of arousal, interest. The constricted as a manifestation of evil feelings. But it's not so simple, because pupils react to light, extending in the dark, and tapering in bright light.

Appreciate a smile

Usually a smile we see as a sign of goodwill, sincerity, openness. But not every smile reflects those feelings. Psychologists say.

  1. If a person is smiling, but his eyes remain wide open, is it hypocritical that portrays the joy of actually experiencing the opposite feelings. After all, a genuine smile involves narrowed eyes luchikah wrinkles.
  2. If the smile on the face, this should also be alerted. Perhaps, he is struggling to please, you earn your approval, then as you are towards him critically.
  3. The wry smile is indicative of an attempt to hide the nervousness.
  4. And there is the so-called Snake smile. This is where the eyes correct are like narrow slits, and mouth to your ears, but you starts to hit the nervous shiver and want to shrink back from the holder of such smileys. Because he is clearly not sincere with you or something is kicking.
  5. If the vis a vis pripodymaet, smiling, eyebrows, is he ready to obey, if down is demonstrating its superiority.
  6. Raised one eyebrow plus slightly wry smile — a signal of no confidence.

Interpret facial expression

  1. Wide-open eyes, raised eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead, smile-so may be sincere joy or surprise.
  2. The eruption of blush, eye uvlazhnivshiesja, zakushennaja Guba is a man experiencing chest tightness.
  3. Flushed face, lowered look, rolled up eyebrows, tightly compressed lips is a sign of shame.
  4. Flushed face, tightly compressed lips, austere look — people angry.
  5. View from the top down, raised eyebrows and Chin-man signals about their own superiority.
Автор: Максим Миллер
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