How to write articles for your site

How to write articles for your site

It is clear that the issuance of influence and other aspects, but do not neglect the quality of the article text.

What articles to write for the site

It is important that the reader was interested in your article, so affected by the topic should be sufficiently relevant, written in understandable language, and of course, should be associated with the theme of the site. There are a few rules that can help you navigate when writing text:

• If you started to answer a question, answer it completely. We often come to the page with an interesting title, but having read a couple of paragraphs, it becomes clear that it's all "water", which does not give an answer to a question.
• Write for people. Try to divide the text into logical paragraphs, make lists, if there is an enumeration, select the right in bold. Such texts are much more pleasant to read. No need to write for search engines, if everywhere sticking keywords it starts to rush into the eye.
• Article should be thematic. If your site is about tourism, no need to write on it about repairing flats, even if it will be super interesting article, readers will not appreciate.
• Check the uniqueness of the article. Don't steal other people's texts, write themselves or buy from copywriters. The copied text is likely even in the index.

How to choose the topic of the article

It is best to use the service WordStat from Yandex (zaguglit), which allows you to become familiar with the number of requests for a particular phrase.

For example, the query "how to write articles for the site" injected only 186 times in the last 30 days. When only sit down to write an article, enter the query in vordstat you are interested in and find out how many people are interested in this topic. Ideally, you need at least 1000 queries per month.

How to choose the title of the article

• The title of one of the most important parts, try to incorporate keywords into the title always.
• The title should be no more than 60 characters, more possible, but search engines do not like it.
• In the title should be keyword or phrase that users can find their page.
• Do not be stingy with the kljuchevikami, a single key on the headline is enough.

The text of the article

Try to mention once again the key phrase in the body of the article, this is more of a need for a search engine, so look to it looked organic, not a cut eye.

If the theme is quite big, try to break it up into sub-headings, so the reader will be easier to read. Dilute dry text images, suitable for the theme.

Linking articles

If in the course of the article you write about what has already been written on this site make reference to this article. Thus, if a reader interested, he will stay on your site longer. Besides linking is a great way to optimize. Don't forget that the references need to do opening in a separate tab.

How to post an article

When you wrote the text and already going to lay out, don't be lazy and read the text first, check for errors. Fill in the description of the article, try to fit the description in 160 characters.

The description should give brief information about the content of the article, try to interest the reader exactly in this part.

 Once you publish, make announcements articles in social networks vkontakte group if there is, make tweets with an interesting description. Links from the social. networks are taken into account by search engines give additional traffic and faster indexing.