How to energetically promoting your page in via Instagram

How to energetically promoting your page in via Instagram

Personal blog or selling account? Savvy PR rules match, in principle. Speaking jargon of bloggers, you must catch the hype "-be interesting to speak with topical themes that arouse the desire to leave a comment and express your opinion. But here, as in any other form of PR, the main thing is not to do so from you turned the main target audience.

And now singing Buzova but is it worth it to discuss

"Catch the HYIP you can pretty easily on discussing celebrities. This is a good choice if you have female blog on general topics, "MAM" blog, or page about clothing or jewelry. Worth enough gently approached to use images of celebrities in their PR campaigns. You must know your audience, and gently introduce "new heroes". For example, if you have a blog about sports, and not about physical activity for health, it is unlikely that someone will be interested in the same Buzova or some lady from home 2. And here is known, or even widely known in narrow circles, Llanelli and her scandalous photo shoot, people will be happy to discuss.

Songs, memes and other joys

It makes sense to track memes, music and jokes that are popular among your target audience. Many bloggers have done a whole State of likes and comments on Zhdune, the notorious song "Melt the ice" and other popular trendy things. Your task is to get into a trend, but it does not go on a dead horse. " The same Zhdun has long been all tired, and if you're posting it without measure in your account, especially carefully following fashion personality might unsubscribe.

Content rule

Hype is good, but it will not get far. It works roughly like the sales funnel. Subscribers who will discuss news, meme or song, should something "catch" to stay with you. And then they need to provide high-quality content on the theme of the blog.

Authored content

Not worth rewrite what other bloggers or overused services rewriters. Here are a few ideas of copyright content:

  • useful tips. For example, you sell sunglasses-help me pick them by type of person or tsvetotipu; quotes and thoughts are great. No matter how laughed at this more or less educated people, but the audience likes to quote famous people; News and reviews of trends; topical and controversial issues. Such positions collect a lot of comments, especially if the topic really controversial. For example, if you blog about fitness, it is appropriate to talk about plastic surgery to increase buttocks. Sell dresses? Discuss normally I wear a dress with gym

Quality photos

It is not necessary to take hackneyed images with fotostokov, or any pictures that appear already on thousands of sites. PR account is possible, and if you will be doing photos of their city, for example. In every city there are many pablikov or pages, "collecting" photo users. So you can promote your account among large enough audiences.


"Hajpovye" posts to appear in your account no more than information, in General, you cannot sacrifice quality and usefulness of the content for the sake of PR, and then you will have tangible parish subscribers interested in your product or service.