How to open your own business. Choice of scope

After you determine the area in which you plan to open your business, you need to set specific goals. Both intermediate and final. This should be required per month profit, as well as, for example, buying a house or a car. While this necessarily established clear time-frame for achieving the goals.

The second step is observation.

There is a need to conduct market research. You can do this yourself or by contacting the marketing campaign. As a result of the analysis you need to understand:

• Audience, which will focus work and its needs;

• Who is a competitor;

• The specific goods or services to be provided;

• Where to get this product;

• The advantages of the selected goods or services;

• Ways of attracting customers and driving sales;

• How to build loyal customers;

• Who is the most successful of the competitors and what are the reasons;

• Sustainability and market risks in their chosen field.

The third step will be the business plan itself.

That's where everything will be spelled out from a to z. If we talk about the frame, the planning should look something like this:

• Wednesday, goals, objectives, status at the moment and their description;

• What will be the activities, description of goods or services;

• To whom and how the product will be sold, what marketing tools;

• Where to get goods or services;

• Information on the staff, on technical points;

• Budget planning;

• The monitoring Methodology and results;

• Information about emergencies, including the ruin;

• How will change, if necessary, legal form of the business.

Write better detail, wondering all possible options. Compiled some instructions, which will be easier to implement what is intended.

The next step is to practice.

That is, the implementation of the project itself. Everyone this process differently. You must, above all, dealing with legal and technical issues, as well as the launch of advertising.

Step five-implementation of control

identifying results and amendment to the original business plan. Need to draw up quarterly, semi-annual and annual reporting to understand the overall situation and keep everything under control.

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