How to open Exchange WebMoney

Опубликовано: 08-12-2019г.

How to open Exchange WebMoney

There are several ways in which you can build your business with online payments system WebMoney (Vebmani).


The first of them-become a dealer. Distribute in your city or region card account replenishment Webmoney system. However, this is not the most promising and profitable business that you can create in this niche.

The best option of cooperation with Webmoney is open Exchange. Undeniable advantages of this business is the lack of large financial and time expenses.

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What is the Exchange WebMoney?

With the usual Exchange, which recently banned by the Government, it has nothing to do, except the name. Business is built on the input and output of the WM-money, on the orders of your customers.

That is, if a person must exchange webmoney on cash, he comes to you, inform your purse number and prints the money out of the system.

Or vice versa, it comes in your Exchange, gives you the amount of money, reported the own purse … WebMoney account and obtain the right amount of money.

Earns exchange point on the difference between the buying and selling rates of the currency. In addition, you can set up the Commission for input and output of money. This is usually a couple of per cent.

What do you need to open the exchange point?

The first thing you need to get a personal passport, create a website and put it in a special list of exchange offices. No additional body movement and getting permission is not needed.

The second point is the opening of the Office. His presence is not necessary but desirable if you plan on serious business and customer withdrawals.

The minimum amount of money that should you be for the normal functioning of the Exchange Office comes to small towns, about two thousand dollars and, for bigger cities, six-four thousand.

From the initial capital depends on the number of clients you will be able to serve at an early stage. For example, today you have a lot of customers who need to replenish their purses.

Thus, you will have plenty of cash, and on the account in the WebMoney system, on the contrary, denezhek diminished. In this case, other clients you will not be able to provide a service to replenish their accounts.

The initial capital can borrow from friends and acquaintances, or take a micro-loan in the Bank. If you take out a loan, then expect that Exchange on average brings its owner order 2-3% per month.

As regards the exchange rate, then here you're free to do whatever you want. But, following a healthy logic is worth sticking; framework. The exchange rate must focus on "real" exchange rate currency exchange rate of the Central Bank. Secondly, you must install the exchange rate so as to stimulate customers to commit varying tasks to support your material status.

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For example, if you have a shortage of cash, you must reduce the rate on the deposit, to fill the shortage of cash that way. And do likewise in the absence of the account in Webmoney system.

So, money changers profit in two ways: by establishing a large spread (the difference between the purchase cost and the cost of the sale in Exchange) without charging additional fees and to levy additional fees as a percentage of the amount exchanged.

The norm is a situation where a client when you enter or withdrawal of cash loses the order 2-5% of Exchange amount. Each of these methods has strengths and weaknesses. The first way, the main advantage is flexibility in setting exchange point and ease of counting. A significant disadvantage is the inability to cut costs the client depending on the amount of Exchange.

The second method is the charging of Commission, has less flexibility, but allows you to control the amount of client losses and thus arrange discount system, encourage large transactions.

Working with cash involves the tax records. You can proceed as follows: make out with clients the loan contract and the contract as a natural person. Unconditional advantage is absence of necessity to notarize the document. A sample of such an agreement, you can download at this link.

The second option is more complicated-you register as IP. In this case, when receiving cash and non-cash funds from clients, you get them a receipt or similar document for the provision of services.

It is worth mentioning that the law said nothing about this kind of activity-title Exchange WebMoney sign, so you may encounter differences with the authorities.

We recommend you choose the first option, since it is much easier and common that proved its efficiency.

Site creation-exchanger and its promotion

A necessary attribute of exchange point is the availability of site-exchanger. On the site must be money exchange form that contains more than one graph, information about Exchange rate Commission. Webmoney system also requires specifying details such as company name or name, for a physical. persons, contact e-mail, phone number and a link to the certificate in Webmoney system.

If you don't have Office and do you offer services for the withdrawal, the site should be detailed instructions on how this would happen. And remember, online many scams, so you should be careful and not worth going nor any concessions.

Attention should be paid to the design of the site, as it is the face of your business. A discreet and stylish design is just right. The following paragraph will be promotion of the site is to attract potential customers.

First of all, you need to add your site in a special section of Megastock catalogue-"money changers" (for placement on the list, you must be more than 200 000 rubles). After checking your site appears in the list of authorized exchange offices on site Webmoney.

Also, you will be able to publish your project news on site in a special section. Do not neglect this opportunity because it's a great way to get free advertising for your business.

Can add a fitting in such Megastoku directories. You can easily find them on the site Webmoney or in search engines. In the rest of the promotion on the Internet Exchange point almost indistinguishable from promotion and promotion of any other site.

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