At first glance, the opening of the store seems to be not so difficult: find a suitable room for trade, buy a product, equipment, to hire salespeople. And all, the shop is open, manage only profits count. Those who have had similar experience, is not likely to agree with this.

The first thing should think beginner businessman-about the products that will be offered in the store. It must be demanded by buyers and competitive. To identify such products there is a need to conduct proper market research. Well, if you are a beginner entrepreneur himself well-versed in the field, where he's going to do. So it will be much easier to determine the optimum range of the goods.

It is equally important to consider the correct location of the store. From this much depends. If clever advertising gimmicks, discounts and promotions and tempt buyers in an awkward and neprohodnoe place for a large number of regular customers expect exactly.

Next, it is necessary to draw up a business plan which reflects the size of the financial investments, payback period and the profitability of the business.

Definition of the form of ownership

The next step is the definition of the form of ownership, more often than not, the choice is between IP (individual entrepreneur) and company (open joint-stock company). If you plan to open a retail store-the easier and cheaper it will register as IP, if wholesale-it's better to open LLC, because the sale of certain categories of goods wholesale prohibited individuals.

To register an enterprise need to pay a State fee. For IE its size is 800 rubles, LLC-4 thousand. rub.

To register a store as you need to in a statement to specify the number of its founders, the future name, type of activity and the size of the authorized capital. For IE will just statements filled in form with an indication of the kind of activity.

Define how taxation

Many aspiring entrepreneurs, the question arises: what tax system suitable for my store? "it is necessary to be guided by it. If the shop area is less than 50 kV. m, it is better to use for tax purposes, and if WE are EVERLASTINGLY … more-the SFAD. Upon wholesalers also applies only to SUSTAIN.

Once you have a choice, you can register the shop. Without passing all stages of registration and obtaining the appropriate permits, it will be impossible to open a shop.

Documents required for clearance shop

In addition to documents indicating ownership and taxation system, will require a certificate of registration of a legal entity, tax identification number and registration mark in the Pension Fund and social insurance fund.

Be sure to order prints and open a current account in the Bank. Still need to get a conclusion control Inspectorate and Epidemiology and permission to sign and cash register.

What else to pay attention?

1. After receipt of all documents and permits, consider the name of the store and its interior. These are important points of the Organization, because an interesting name can attract more buyers, and the cozy atmosphere of the store they will want to return again and again.

2. You need to decide which system will be in the store. In line with this, buy the right amount of cabinets and cash registers. Be aware that for many categories of goods there is specialized equipment. Better to purchase everything you need in bulk over the Internet.

3. The next step is the selection of suppliers. It is best to prefer companies with a good reputation, and for this purpose it is necessary to carefully examine the customer reviews. It is desirable to conclude contracts directly with two or three suppliers in order to avoid disruption of supply.

4. In the selection of personnel should pay attention to the personal qualities of the future seller, at his appearance and age. Not worth it, for example, in digital electronics shop to hire an old woman.

These are the initial steps when you open a store. So he kept afloat among competitors and bring profit, there is still much to be done, but it's already a topic for other articles.

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