How to open an oxygen bar (sample business plan)

How to open an oxygen bar (sample business plan)

A great opportunity for your business! It's still a small market share, so hurry.

There are almost no competitors, as interest grows from year to year. Don't expect big profits, but its stability is not worth the worry.

What is it? Is it really new? No way. Back in the good old Soviet times the oxygen cocktail is actively used in various sanatoriums and preventoriums. Background goes to far the seventies of the last century. For the manufacture of oxygen cocktails used either bottled or bulk oxygen.

And now widely used it is cylinder options oxygen cocktails. Here, however, is to provide two major drawbacks. Medical oxygen sufficiently difficult to access. Besides pure oxygen is explosive substance that causes a negative attitude of fire protection.

The mass of oxygen from medical institutions got through that was invented by a comfortable mobile oxygen concentrator. This led to light oxygen generators without sophisticated equipment.

The device weighs about 30-minute kilograms. To date, there has been extensive production, both European, Chinese and Russian counterparts. In order to open your oxygen business, there are two ways. Become a producer of various oxygen cocktails or open its bar on this basis.

Now oxygen bar is difficult to surprise. Similar institutions exist in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan. Do not need large investments to open such a business. Initially need about 12-20 thousand dollars. The lion's share of this amount will go to rent the necessary premises. If you are planning to open a similar facility in a popular place, where would be a good influx of visitors, expect to spend about one and a half thousand rubles per square meter per year.

Regional solutions such a plan a few cheaper-from 300 to 800 rubles per square meter. Payback is stretched by about two years. A similar bar in its structure is divided into two main components: stations with capsules (aromatic) and the oxygen generator. Process technology is quite simple.

For providing oxygen concentrator is used which bypasses air through a special sieve (molecular). In the station (aromatic) oxygen enrichment various additives. Later comes this oxygen directly into the nose to the client.

Registration of all documents would not require a significant amount of time. Absolutely do not need any certificates. Such plants for offices and oxygen saturation are held on article common household appliances.

To reduce the payback period for the entire enterprise, it is best to arrange a similar deal in a crowded, marketable place. For the perfect shopping complexes, swimming pools, various business centres or cinemas.

Do not need large areas. Just a few chairs and racks. That's fine you can put on five square metres. Enough equipment for the four hubs and flavorings. If you are planning to open a similar institution or commercial point, the best option would be to provide the full range of services: inhaling through the nose and cocktails based on oxygen.

Oksidzhej-the King and the God of a similar institution. His duties included communication and to some extent the entertainment of visitors. He must have communication skills, as well as owning art correctly and nicely organize the sale of "air".

It should also be able to mix cocktails, scents, to achieve the desired combination of-bouquet. In doing so he must rely on his experience, defining the condition and age of the visitor. Hiring such a bar worker usually does not cause any problems. It is believed that this profession is prestigious and even elitist, so hanging up from none. Especially when you consider the high salaries.

Cocktail on the basis of oxygen is a product of mass consumption. Here it differs from the oxygen bar. Main target consumer are children. In various institutions will be a very good marketing.

Currently used practice when oxygen cocktails used in school. For the marketing of its products worth discuss terms with the school director. It will be easy enough, especially if a certain percentage of income will go to ensuring the school needs.

According to experts at the oxygen of business good future. This is especially significant for regional consumers. Here and the ease of contracting with schools and various administrative bodies, and you can also get subsidies. In addition to this, of course, the positive side is the small investment.

The oxygen cocktail is prepared very simply. On the basis of regular juice (grape, Apple, cherry). Adds a foamer, a special powder. As a last resort, you can easily implement gelatin.

Cost of such products is very high. With simple calculation, it turns out that from one school can receive up to 21 thousand rubles. When this set of equipment costs from the forces of 12-17 thousand rubles, and sold over cocktails in the normal cone of plastic. It is worth considering that this is a very profitable venture.

And if you serve several schools? Think for yourself! One set of equipment can be used in different institutions and from this benefit.

This is a simple business idea that you can easily organize and, in the absence of significant competitive benefits very obvious. Hurry up and see for yourself how it is profitable! It is worth thinking about how to invest quite heavily in the not quite interesting company!