How to open a fast food Caf? on wheels (sample business plan)

How to open a fast food Caf? on wheels (sample business plan)

Business plan mobile Cafe

Development of the market of mobile Cafe in Russia occurs rapidly. At this time the Russian consumer serves more than 30 000 Caf? on wheels. And this is a very approximate figure.

Experts agree that this niche business will continually expand. It's quite an interesting type of business activity, and in this article we will talk about its nuances. After the collapse of the Soviet Union somehow unnoticeably lost numerous eateries, dumplings and pancakes.

It released a great niche for mobile Caf?. Mobile Caf? is first and foremost a trailer equipped with all necessary equipment for cooking.

Previously, such vans were procured abroad and were very impressive-up to $25 000. Today, the price fell more than twice, and on the Russian market this van worth about 9 000 $. Several firms on the territory of Russia are leading in the production of vans for mobile Caf?.

This is, firstly, the famous company "Tonar» organ more 10 years different models of trailers. "Tonarom" began to name any trailer, regardless of its manufacturer, often not even thinking that it is a proper name. This title even adopt the Regulations Guide for different cities and areas relating to this kind of trade.

But, unfortunately, the model of the firm «tonar» do not fit directly to open cafes, so both require quite significant additional retrofit. Their main advantage-low price-3-4 thousands of dollars.

Another company producing similar products-"MAZ-kupava". It has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Several models of this manufacturer can without additional refinement used for trade in Grill and shawarma.

The cost of such trailer varies 5-6 of thousands of dollars. Another leader in the manufacture of this product-the company "Avtoholod". It produces more than 70 models of mobile trailer based Caf? "MAZ-kupava". Products of «Avtoholoda» cost 5-12 thousands of dollars.

Equips any trailers equipment for mobile Caf? Russian company "business Russia". On average, the rate is equipped with everything necessary for a mobile Caf? is about 10 thousand dollars. Approximately 5 thousand is worth the simplest model, equipped only for cooking grilled chicken and shawarma.

Incidentally, such cafes quickly pay for themselves-their products are relatively inexpensive and are bought eagerly. The main buyers are the lowest layer of the middle class, the most numerous in Russia.

According to experts, the shelf life of the trailer when intensive exploitation is 5 -6 years. It is necessary to take into account businessmen who do not plan to throw this thing in five years. Food choices, which can trade mobile Cafe, no limited.

Trailer with no problems will equipment for baking, barbeque, barbecue, cooking pancakes, potatoes, pies. The entrepreneur will only care about technology products and semi-finished products. So, there are no restrictions on the product.

But there are a number of difficulties and nuances that need to be considered. First of all, the mobile Caf?-business of the big city. If the population of the city is not more than 100-200 thousand, then open this institution almost hopeless. In such cities, people have a different mindset is easier and cheaper for them to go home for lunch.

On a more or less decent income you can count only in the case of large celebrations and in areas with large concentrations of people. The second is the production base and availability of convenience foods. In the case of shawarma Grill and chickens are all just-bought cake mix and cooked on the grill.

And more complex in cooking products-pancakes, patties, or potatoes with toppings already require the presence of own industrial base. In this case the costs will pay off only if there is a network of five cafes as a minimum.

Third, the most pressing item is relevant to the authorities mean business. Almost any city guide refers to mobile caf?s as an inevitable evil which must be much better times, when stationary, catering. Such an attitude to mobile Caf? is present even in the capital.

This is despite the fact that the authorities themselves attract caf? to organize large feasts-May 9, the day of the city, new year, etc. Due to the lack of standards activities for mobile Caf? officials themselves determine policies relative to this type of business.

Hence the completely different situation not only in different cities, and even in the capital's districts. Moscow developed about 30-minute regulations relative to activities mobile fast foods, in some cases, contradictory.

For this reason, that often break out in the capital, scandals with mobile power points. For example, in the Northern District of the capital of prefect, referring to a certain Decree demanded export trailers at night. If sellers had fulfilled the requirement, this would lead to high costs. All the Tonary» are plugged into an electrical outlet. When you move them it would disconnect.

Food in refrigerators could deteriorate, the owners would have to employ chauffeurs. In addition, otbuksirovannye trailers should be stored somewhere. Fortunately, the prefect just demonstrated to entrepreneurs, "who's boss". According to experts, the development of fast food chains on wheels most hampered by the lack of a specific legal framework. This applies particularly to the issue of land.

In Moscow, for example, owners of mobile Cafe pay no rent and fees for use of the land on the basis of the Declaration of Moskomzema. This authorization is valid for up to three months.

Upon its expiry can easily or refuse to extend or move somewhere point. Because of this uncertainty owners and save on additional investments in the business. This type of business is almost impossible to motivate banks, because there are no long-term guarantees.

And relevant federal authorities generally worthy of a separate chapter. For example, at the moment taken Russian sanitary norms. Based on their requirements, mobile Caf? should be connected to city sewer systems. There are no exceptions. In some Russian cities have already banned this type of business, recalling these rules.

Good maneuverability was the key to success "

While the business got the greatest distribution in Moscow alone. The capital has about 3 000 mobile Caf?. And no competition until it goes.

The profitability of this business is still very high. The first investments in this business do not exceed 15 thousand dollars (for the Organization of one point). This includes the cost of purchasing a trailer, its equipment, buying dishes and semis.

Payback Caf?-about 8 months. Everything depends on the place of its location in the city. In addition to Moscow, there are cities where mobile cafe feel almost as good. This Is Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Nizhniy Novgorod. Though the income of the population in these cities is slightly lower capital, this is offset by the huge interest to mobile caf?s.

So in some regions this business develops quite rapidly. According to the representative of "Avtoholoda", entrepreneurs from urban data keep coming back for the purchase and equipping new trailers.

From the point of view of professionals, each mobile point characterizes only two indicators-the average size of the cheque and patency (the number of shoppers per day). Caf? in not a very good place, can serve per day to 60-minute buyers. The average size of the cheque in this case may be 25-30 rubles.

Point located in a lucrative place, serves an average of 200-300 clients (at maximum throughput in 500). The average cost of a cheque in any case not exceed 150 rubles, that is the limit of the capacity to pay of the Russians.

An important role in the work of the mobile fast food points playing season. For example, "deaf" months are January and February. And in frosty days revenue may drop to zero. A sharp increase in interest in mobile Caf? is usually between warm and cold season is early spring and late autumn.