How to open an online clothing shop

The demand for clothes consistently high at any time of the year, and hence with proper organization of business, profit in selling clothing is guaranteed.

Along the way, you might think about the opening of the costume rental and model dresses. Women update a wardrobe more often than men, and therefore payback store trading Womenswear, above. This fully applies to online shopping, which makes this line of business is quite promising.

When properly designed, intelligently concept drawn up a business plan and a reasonable work organization, an Internet clothing store just doomed to success. We consider the example of opening Internet-shop women's clothing, as the most promising.


To start, you must understand what customers you expect in your store, on whom should be calculated. To determine the target audience, enough to form an image of your client on the following grounds:

  • Age.
  • Place of study or work.
  • Leisure.
  • Marital status, kids.
  • Favorite style of clothing.
  • Shopping frequency.
  • Monthly amount spent on shopping.

Only after answering all these questions, you understand, what should be the name of the store, how to choose the range and what prices will be able to attract your customers.


When formed an idea of your typical pokupatelnice and it became clear what range can be demanded, you begin to search for suppliers. You can find them on special Internet portals or by recommendation from a friend.

You can contact directly with the manufacturers or wholesale company working with the factories directly. Manufacturers can buy clothes at low prices. Working with wholesalers is convenient that you can extend the range in the online store.

In addition, you can trade underwear that is very appropriate. You can also buy wholesalers have interesting collections of clothing manufactured abroad, independently collect that novice entrepreneur.

The quantity of the item for the debut

The virtual shop window you need to expose all of the most winning models of clothes and their choice must be sufficient to avoid the impression that you are seeking to sell the amount of goods. It is from the first collection depends largely on the popularity of your store in the future.

So try to choose goods was broad. The bigger the range, the more the audience you will be interested in. The goods must match the season and make sure that the sizes of each model was as much.

Preparing your presentation, please be aware that clothing looks best on attractive models, rather than on mannequins or, even worse, on a coat hanger. Pictures of clothes should be very high quality, with fragments, demonstrating the quality of the seams, trim parts, accessories.

Visitors to your online store should be able to consider in some detail the clothes, and your task is to present it in better perspective. Photos must be accompanied by a detailed description of the size, colour, material and the country of origin.


Register a limited liability company is quite difficult in the case of an online store is enough to be registered as an individual entrepreneur. When such registration requirements for documents and accounting is much softer.

Even easier to choose a system of taxation-FEE seems the most appropriate option, which costs shall be deducted from the income of the store. For the simplified taxation system you will have to pay 15% tax. Income and expenses are recorded in a special book. You must make quarterly tax payments, and once a year is submitted to the tax return. In this field WE are EVERLASTINGLY … tax is not used.

Cash register

Online store shall be equipped with a cash register, because there may be cash. By purchasing cash register, register of the tax inspection.

When paying by cash, you will be required to issue a receipt to the buyer, in order to avoid penalties. You can refuse the settlements through cash, non-cash settlements, but in this case, you risk losing part of consumers seeking it is cash.

Site development

Online store cannot exist without a website, because it is the only possible form of existence for him. Your store's success depends heavily on the talent of a Web Designer.

Remember that your pokupatelnicami will be women, so no simple site and do not overload its technical innovations. The woman should have no difficulty accessing the site, consider the products and place your order. It is unlikely that the ladies will be able to evaluate the merits of the technical side of the site, try to make them happy.


You don't need a trading Hall, but without storage space not do-18-20 sq.m. m would be sufficient. The room should be dry, heated and clean that stuff kept appearance. You will need to purchase shelving, racks, Ironing Board and iron.

Be sure to rent office space, so that clients can optionally take orders yourself. Equip in Office fitting, that customer can choose the clothes.

Learn from other people's mistakes-many online shops profit palpable deprive themselves precisely because they do not allow you to try on clothes before buying. Try to find a convenient place for Office and request a signboard with the specified mode.


Initially you can completely bypass their own. When business develops, you will need to
operator for receiving orders and responses to queries of customers;

  • the staff member responsible for the shipment of goods from the warehouse, timeliness of orders-requisitions, etc. p.;
  • Courier, who is responsible for the delivery of the goods within the city.

Processing of orders

There is a standard scheme of Internet-shops, but you can try to develop its own. A few additions to the usual set of services shop that will help attract buyers:

  • Possibility to order multiple sizes of clothes to try to choose the right after.
  • Booking of the goods.
  • Detailed advice on the website and by phone.

Remember that online shopping is subject to the rules of return of the goods, so unquestioningly accept not liked or not podoshedshuju to fit the clothes.


You need to accept payments in a way that is convenient to the client. Very convenient plastic cards and e-wallets-WebMoney, Yandex Money Mail. When forwarding orders by mail, customer, receiving the parcel, pays the cost of the order.

On the letterhead of the bank details you fill in organization where mail should transfer the money. Do not pack the parcel receipt, as postal orders assigned to cashless payment. Service TAB is intended for formation of Internet bank accounts or payments by electronic currency by Visa card or Master Card etc.

Delivery orders

At the beginning of the work shop, until manned, you can use courier services. If you're satisfied with the offered service, enclose the service agreement.

Delivering the goods to the address, the courier holds a payment via portable cash register or brings the buyer in advance embossed a cheque. You can also use the services of email, but in this case there will be no operational delivery. In any case, the client has the right to choose the way of delivery.

Worldwide online shopping is very popular, and you can speak even a slight displacement of their usual outlets. This suggests that the prospects for the development of virtual clothing store very encouraging.

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