How to open a children's developmental Center from the ground up

Kids Club-a profitable business project, gaining more and more popularity. Despite the high competition, children's entertainment centers can bring their owners serious profit. The main thing in this case is to create original, practical and affordable Club where children will feel right at home.

The definition of the Mission of the Club

The establishment of any business project starts with the formation of ideas, mission and goals. So, the idea you have, but what the mission entrusted to the newly created children's Centre? Do not pursue vague missions "to make the world a better place" or "create a universal children's complex". For a start you need to concentrate on the main objective of your project. This may be an in-depth study of foreign languages, support for early development, choreography, acting or Art Studio, preparing for school or work with children with special needs.

Analysis of competitors

Make the right choice to help you analyze your competitors. It is unlikely that the regular kids ' Club with profound study of English will bring you profit. Go to competitors and assess their range, price category and quality of services. For example, you may find that all the centres work closely with doshkoljatami and offer a Montessori system learning foreign languages, but the spacious dance hall none of the competitors. Offer your customers what no other children's centres-and this will become your competitive advantage.

Analysis of the target audience

Choosing priority, you should determine the number of young clients, their age and social status of their parents. You can make a club premium-class with the highest investment in real estate, equipment and personnel, or establish a child care centre middle-tier object accessible for most parents. The pricing policy of the Club shall be determined on the basis of the financial capacity of the target audience.

Setting objectives

Once you determine the basic mission of the Club, you must specify the business idea and set ourselves goals and objectives. Let's say, your primary aim "to create a childrens Centre with emphasis on choreography. In this case, the tasks will be roughly as follows:

  • find a private room, which is ideal for practicing dance;
  • equip a convenient cloakroom and a bathroom;
  • invite work experienced teachers and children's choreographers;
  • draw up a programme of rhythmic gymnastics for kids from 3 years, modern choreography for children from 4 years old and dancing for children older than 6 years.

Having dealt with the mission, goals and objectives it is time to proceed with the implementation of business ideas.

Selecting premises

The search for suitable premises is the initial phase of the establishment of the children's Center. The most rational solution 4-5 room apartment for hire, which can easily accommodate groups of 5-6 children. Floor space shall be 50-100 square meters on which to organize a game room, dance hall, a room of early development, as well as a room of music and speech development. Location of Club-a separate theme. In major metropolitan areas to better children's Center have in sleeping areas and in small towns is right in the Centre of the locality.

Selection of employees

Experienced teachers and choreographers-is the Foundation of a successful club. It is from the staff determines the success of the sessions, the results of the work of children and, accordingly, the prestige of the children's Center. You can hire professional teachers, Montessori teachers, young professionals, only graduates of Pedagogical University and even the ordinary people who are willing to work with the animators. The most important thing in your employees is a kindness, pleasant appearance and ability to attract the interest of the child.

Advertising company

First you need to create a flow of customers. As advertising works perfectly catchy signboard, bright banners on Windows and the original pointers with the lively streets. Posting of ads and distributing leaflets today inadequate: most people prefer Google on any issue, so it is better to focus on contextual advertising in Yandex direct and Google AdWords. Simple and fast website with specific information page in social networks, as well as invitations to thematic forums create an initial flow of customers, and after the work principle of "sarafannogo radio".

Financial plan

Approximate costs that must be incurred in opening a children's Centre, as follows:

  • registration of legal person-15 000 rubles;
  • share capital-10 000 rubles;
  • rent of Conference Hall-100 000 rubles;
  • redecorating rooms-200 000 rubles;
  • furniture and furnishings-200 000 rubles;
  • toys and materials for creativity-70 000 rubles;
  • cash register Terminal-30 000 rubles;
  • bright signboard-20 000 rubles;
  • stereo-4 000 rubles;
  • payment for services of a Realtor-50 000 rubles;
  • last month rent-100 000 rubles;
  • wages in the first month of work-100 000 rubles;
  • margin for unforeseen expenditure is 300 000 rubles.

Thus, the open and run children's Centre you will need approximately 1 200 000 rubles. Remember that when you open a LLC you will be required to maintain accounting and withdraw profits in this situation much more difficult. If you are planning to confine one or more children's centres in a small town, you should choose a form of IP. If you have global plans, which include attracting investors, as well as creating your own franchise or a network of children's centres, design LLC.

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