Business at work packages provides a relatively small initial capital attachment. This activity involves making a profit in the process long and laborious work.

Packages represent the product, always in demand among buyers. Working in this direction and establishing production businessman uniquely will not lose out. The algorithm works is very simple: choose the necessary technologies for the production, purchase materials, manufacture products to advertise, implement packages customers by direct sales and direct the first proceeds to increase production for even more profits. Next, let's consider the main aspects step by step.


As a material for manufacturing of packages, you can use plastic, cardboard, fabric, reinforced paper and many other materials. You must initially decide whether the packages bear pictures or they will print color.

Production of packages

Start production of packages, it is advisable to use one line producing a product of the same size with a fixed format. Further, since the launch of the product, there is a need to expand production of packages for use in various spheres: for shops and markets, the gifts, drugs and jewellery. Their use is very wide, so there is always room for application packages.

The package price depends on its size, the material used and the cost of its design. It is recommended that you use the services of professionals to develop prototypes produced packages.


To conduct an advertising campaign should be based on large markets, large trading companies, jewelry and other luxury stores. Use direct quotations, and affordable promotional products. Do not forget and about the media. The greater will be the advertising campaign, the more customers will be interested in collaboration.

Working with customers

Accepting an application for production of the packets, you must strictly comply with all the requirements of the customer. Because many companies use their own corporate style, they require certain characteristics of the product, starting from the material for the manufacture of packages and ending with their design.

If the client requires drawing a graphic on the corporate package, you must find a commercial printer who can perform this seal at a reasonable price.

Ready-made packages you can decorate different small accessories and handles of plastic that will benefit them to distinguish among the products of competitors.

This type of business does not contain any complexities. To succeed, you must assemble a good team and not scrimp on investments to expand production.

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