In modern Russia there is quite a lot of different points of their forces to obtain as a result of a good income. To understand how to start a business from scratch, we define a few basic concepts which must necessarily be taken into account in refining the scope of future activities. Consumers. The material means necessary for work. Professional skills and knowledge. Competition in the market and methods of selling their products or services. Each of these items requires a separate explanation, so to simplify cite the specific example below.

How to start a business from scratch in agricultural production

Choose exactly this direction. These activities are quite promising according to the following criteria:

• In some regions of Russia, more than 50% of food products are imported from abroad.

• Food, unlike the TVs, cars or other goods required daily that guarantees the constant need for the future, regardless of the overall state of the economy.

• Today, it is fashionable to be healthy, to abandon bad habits. In accordance with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products, retail chains can hardly be considered sufficient.

Only those arguments enough to completely focus on the relevant production. Note that in this case, opening up the case would require relatively small initial financial investments. For growing tomatoes or cucumbers you can use an existing plot, building on it. The use of hydroponics, special technology, will organize production with minimal space requirements and characteristics of the premises. So, for example, grow herbs, parsley, dill can be in the usual garage. The cost of all necessary equipment will be limited, and many treatments readily amenable to automation.

How to start a business from scratch: difficulties and their accounting

Great products created, you need to sell it. It is at this stage that may arise "Pitfalls", difficult to solve the problem. You should not do a calculation, based on the prices of network trade. They can be enabled very high margin. Such shops are working with wholesale suppliers who guarantee the constant availability of specific products in warehouses. A small company perform such conditions will not be able to. To work independently on the market will need to rent the appropriate square, as well as to ensure the availability of a sufficiently wide range to interest potential buyers.

The above problems can be solved, but that neither they nor other matters did not occur suddenly, thoroughly and accurately in advance to plan future activities. This should take into account all the components of the process, from production through to implementation. More than such a plan will be drawn up, the greater the chance of success will receive an aspiring entrepreneur.

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