How can I get seed money for starting a business?

In order to open your business, you must initially attach a certain amount. But if these no money, or not enough, then where to take them. Because without associated attachments cause the mountain will not go. There are several proven ways, among which one can find the most optimal.

The most obvious way is to make it yourself.

In this case, do not connect any obligations, unlike the situation with credit. Part of profit need not give an investor, there is no risk of the company and property Division. But where it is possible to earn money on their own?

Actually a lot of opportunities. You can build a small business, which will be not such expensive and quickly paid back. You can do a freelancer or just to save money. But the fastest way is the financial market. Of course, for stable earnings should be good to understand all the nuances, to develop the right strategy. But the result will not be a long wait.

The second is no less obvious way is to take the credit.

This and the most common tool used. But in this case, the entrepreneur can face at least two problems:

First, to get the loan you need a stable income. Prospects for future business too vague for lenders, so they can just not to give credit.

Secondly, credit is given for interest. You need to be sure that money to return. You should consider and the possibility of failure in starting a business, in which case the loan becomes literally a rope around his neck.

Another way of earning the required amount-investor.

You need to find someone who will agree to invest in the business. But will he do it, provided that part of future profits will be given to him. Despite this, this is very promising. And if the business money, money will not be returned to the investor, which is an advantage over the same loan.

Another way you can use-business in partnership.

But that case has not collapsed, partners must be a maximum of three. Otherwise, simply begin the contradictions that will not be on hand. Despite the partnership, must be a leader who will provide teamwork, proper distribution of power and responsibilities.

The fifth, but, perhaps, not the best option is to sell the property.

Of course, this is a good idea, if you have a extra flat or a subject of antiques, etc. But if the thing is a valuable family heirloom, and apartment or cars are not superfluous and unnecessary, it in no way stands to resort to this method of obtaining start-up capital.

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