As online stores watching their buyers and "impose" product

Web sites vigilantly watching for you. As a result, they know if not all about you, a lot. Your profile in social networks and those search queries that you type in "Yandex". Goods that you are browsing online, and those that don't are browsing (closing the page immediately after opening).

Your history of purchases, music you listen to, and a video that you can see in the network. Knowing who you are and what you are looking for online retailers significantly increase their chances of making you relevant proposal.

Imagine: you go to the store with the harvested list and-here's the luck! -see all on a shelf than came. And yet what is not included in the list, but has long wanted to try. This is not fiction, and possible outcome of three growing trends in online marketing. Namely, personification online storefronts, retargetinga and use the marvelous technology of RTB.

Who searches, that will always find

Personification means that showcase site displayed differently. Content the user sees depends on a huge number of factors. So, we already monitor the city in which the buyer is located, who came to the site.

Show him a local phone number, just count the cost of delivery to his locality, display on a map the location of the nearest points of issue. And possibly the individual price of the product-in fact some stores practice a different pricing policy in different regions.

And finally, the sweetest-SERP, the display order of products in the catalog. We are "Sotmarkete" not yet experimenting with this powerful tool. But the interest of advertisers to this option reflects its potential effect on sales. However, such decisions are on the surface and do not require special development of "smart" software.

More complex systems are included when you visit us again. All information about you stored in the CRM is a program that manages relationships with clients. This program was the first thing I wrote when started the site. Today, eight years later, we continue to refine it.

Thanks to CRM we already know than you previously asked. We know that they are buying and how they behave, people who bought the same thing. We are flexible to adapt to you and offer you similar or complementary to your purchase of products, discounts on novelties or express delivery. All this is a result of the work of the marketers.

There is a more advanced level: analyze your shopping basket is made in real time, and product listings are formed in the course of your journey through the pages of the site-even if you're with us for the first time.

In Russia it is doing well so far, can't nobody. In the United States knows how to Amazon, but, as in the case of the Coca-Cola recipe, an accurate list of ingredients is a terrible secret behind seven seals.

In addition to the full import technology in Russia is not ready IT infrastructure. However, even existing solutions allow you to increase sales by 15-20% only by competent pick items that are displayed to the user.

Eternal reminder

The second important thing is behavioral retargeting. This is when you looked at the online store, and then you all over the Internet continue to haunt appeals: buy, buy … ". Here the principle is the same as when you work with the buyer directly on the site. The only difference is that we don't know, what is your name and how to contact you: you haven't left contacts.

But we know about you is your main need at this point in time. And about present than you have not arranged. Third-party sites with pleasure signals to us about your visit to them. And we enjoy this casual meeting to once again try and sell you something that you are looking for. Usually it turns out. Conversion for this advertising channel more than attractive.

How much is a pound of users

However, happiness e-shops would be incomplete if I did not come up with another technology. Little personalize the commodity offer to those we already know. Give individual product to those whom we do not yet know-that's the real secret of success. From third-party sites: news sites, search engines, social networks-have information about you.

They, as well as shops, monitor users and collect history of your Internet life. That's just to share the data they, of course, just so not ready. Minimize the playgrounds and shops together and help them find a fair price for the personal user information and which are designed to RTB-services.

RTB-real-time-bidding, or Exchange in real time-the new Idol of the Russian marketers. You sell on the stock market, buyers, along with your history online presence. The owners of this Exchange is an advertising agency. They collect bids from shops on specific consumer segments-an arbitrarily narrow. And expose these segments.

Want to advertise something for 25 years, Muscovites, whose birthday in May and that the past two weeks, sought permits in Egypt? You are welcome. Or maybe you are interested pensioners from Chelyabinsk, who recently took out a bank loan, and after asking about TVs small sizes? There are no problems.

The new focus

The impact of personalization technologies on consumer behavior is difficult to overestimate. This is the case when the appropriate expression: who owns information-owns the world. Funny, but the first to hunt for the personal data of customers started online and offline retailers. Today they continue to collect file on each client, trying to understand the logic of choice, organize your purchase history.

This is sometimes done very exotic methods. For example, a focus group of buyers, they head to attach the camcorder. Then marketers looking at these records, trying to understand what makes people choose those or other goods.

However, online merchants brought technology to perfection. Technology, which in one way or another connected with the desire to personalize the offer, adapt to a specific user. Not under the target client group, as it has long been accepted in marketing, under a real person. That is for you.

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